Grammar Vocabulary

  1. Morphemes
    Parts of words, i.e. stems, prefixes, and suffixes
  2. Lexical Words
    • The main carriers of information in a text or speech act
    • Subdivided into the following word classes: nouns, lexical verbs, adjectives and adverbs
    • Open classes
    • Have a complex internal structures and can be composed of several morpheme parts
    • Can be heads of phrases
    • Generally the words that remain in a sentence is compressed in a newspaper headline
  3. Function Words
    • Can be categorized in terms of word classes such as prepositions, coordinators, auxiliary verbs, and pronouns
    • Usually indicate meaning relationships and help us to interpret units containing lexical words, by showing how the units are related to each other
    • Closed Classes
    • Tend to occur frequently, and in almost any type of text
  4. Inflectional
    Signal meanings and roles which are important to their word classes, such as 'plural' in the case of nouns, and 'past tense' in the case of verbs
  5. Derivational
    Usually involves adding an affix, i.e. a morpheme attached to the beginning of a word (a prefix) or to the end of a word (a suffix); changes the meaning or a word class of a word, and often both, and in effect creates a new base form for the word
  6. Lexical Verbs
    a member of an open class of verbs that includes all verbs except auxiliary verbs; typically express action, state, or other predicate meaning
  7. Auxiliary Verbs
    a verb functioning to give further semantic or syntactic information about the main or full verb following it
  8. Primary Verbs
    One of the three verbs be, do, and have, that can function either as a main verb or an auxiliary verb
  9. Central adjectives
    Adjectives that have typical characteristics
  10. Defining characteristics of adjectives
    • * Central adjectives can be inflected to show comparative and superlative degree as with big, bigger, biggest
    • * Central adjectives are both:
    • - Attributive
    • - Predicative
    • * Central adjectives are descriptive
  11. Peripheral adjectives
    Adjectives with fewer of the typical characteristics
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