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  1. Which product can affect the permeability of gloves?
    Petroleum bases hand lotion
  2. What is an advantage of using a alcohol based gel?
    It takes less time than washing with soap and water does
  3. Part of standard precautions for infection control. When should you disinfect gloves after removing them?
  4. After assisting a newly admitted patient in removing his shoes and outerwear, you notice what appears to be soil or grime on your hands. What should you do next?
    Wash your hands with soap and water
  5. What is a nosocomial infection?
    An infection that is acquired in a hospital
  6. Contact precautions would be madated for a pt hospitlaized diagnosed with what?
    Infectious diarrhea
  7. When droplet precautions have been instituted, what do you need to protect for yourself as the nurse?
    your eyes
  8. Washing your hands for instances before touching a patient before turning them in bed, The nurse knows that it is important to wash their hands for how long?
    15 seconds
  9. When removing PPE, what should the nurse remove first?
    gloves, because they are the most contaminated
  10. when yousing hand gel for you hands, why do you rub them together until they are dry?
    Drying provides full antiseptic technique
  11. When irrigating a patient's open wound, what is important to wear besides gloves?
    Face shield
  12. The diaphragm (big part) of the stethiscope is better for listening to ?
    high pitched sounds
  13. The bell (small side) of the the stethescope is used for ?
    low pitched sounds such as a heart murmer
  14. The earpieces of a stethescope should be inserted at an angle pointed toward what?
    your nose
  15. Would a a brief bump, felt near the fourth or fith intercostal space near the left midclavicular line be a normal finding?
    Yes, because that is where the apical pulse is found, which is the point of maximal impulse
  16. What is it called when you hear a high-pitched, scraping sound heard in the third intercostal space to the left of the sternum?
    a pericardial friction rub
  17. What is a continuous sensation of vibration felt over the heart called?
  18. what is it called when their is a whooshing or swishing sound over the heart?
  19. What is an abnormal curving of the spine that is common with aging?
  20. What is the normal range for BMI?
  21. What is a measurement of an adult's body fat based on height and weight?
  22. A BMI of 25 or above but below 30 is considered what?
  23. A BMI above 30 is considered what?
  24. Wet, popping sounds during the inspiratory phase of each respiratory cycle are identified as what?
  25. High pitched sound, typically generated when a larger airway is blocked by a foreign body/ inflammation, or mass
  26. continuous course whistling/squeeking sound that can be high or low pitched
  27. What is your primary goal in performing a comprehensive physical assessment
    To develop a plan of care
  28. When performing a complete head to toe exam, what technique should you perform first?
  29. What does the Romberg's test examine?
  30. What does the Weber test examine?
  31. Distance vision is usually assessed with what chart?
  32. Which abdominal quadrant are bowel sounds most active and easiest to auscultate?
    Right lower quadrant
  33. hyperactive bowel sounds
  34. Loud, high pitched drum like sound elicited by percussion
  35. applying pressure and quickly releasing it. if the pt has pain on the release of pressure what do they have?
    Rebound tenderness
  36. Why are hands kept above the elbows during surgical handwashing?
    To encourage water and soap to flow away from the clean hands
  37. A nurse preparing to flush and change the dressing on a patients's central venous should undertand that the primary purpose for performing this?
    Control the introduction of micro organisms at the catheter site
  38. What is the goal of surgical asepsis?
    To create and maintain a micro-organism free environment
  39. when donning sterile gloves using the open-gloving method, it is important to remember to?
    Grasp on the inside of the glove with your ungloved hand
  40. the nurse knows that the proper technique for gloving the dominant hand prevents contact between the contaminated hand and the non contaminated hand because?
    The inner edge of the cuff will lie against the skin and thus will not be sterile
  41. Waiting for a procedure to begin, how do you position your hands and arms?
    With your hands clasped together in front of your body above waiste level.
  42. True of false. A nurse turns to adress a pt questions concerning the procedure contaminates the sterile field.
  43. True of false. If a procedure is postponed for 30 min, it will contaminate a sterile field?
  44. Ture of False. A cotton ball dampened with sterile normal saline is placed on the field will contaminate a sterile field?
  45. True of false. A contaminated instrument touches the out edge of the sterile field conaminates a sterile field?
    Fasle. A 1 inch border aroud a sterile field is considered contaminated
  46. True of False. A sterile instrument is dropped onto the near side of the sterile field contaminates a sterile field?
  47. True of false .A liquid is poured into a sterile container from a distnac of 4 inches contaminates a sterile field?
    False. 4-6 inches is the recommended pouring distance
  48. Ture of false. Holding the sterile pack below the waist or table comprimises it's sterility
  49. What area of the hands requires special attention before you begin a surgical hand scrub?
    The area under each fingernail
  50. According to ATI, prior to entering a Surgical scrub area, what PPE items do the team member don?
    Protective eyewear, hair cover, mask, shoecover
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