Ten Reasons to Drink Water

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    * is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

    * helps to maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite.

    * leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration
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    * drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer.

    * for a majority of sufferers, drinking water can significantly reduce joint and/or back pain.

    * water leads to overall greater health by flushing out wastes and bacteria that can cause disease.
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    * water can prevent and alleviate headaches.

    * water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance.

    * water aids in the digestion process and prevents constipation.

    * water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body and is essential for proper circulation.
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Ten Reasons to Drink Water
Water is an essential element for the body. Drink up!