Special Senses

  1. eso-
  2. exo-
  3. phoria
  4. tro
    in the direction of, turning
  5. canthus
    inner edge of the eye; angle where the upper and lower eye lids meet
  6. epicanthus
    the vertical fold of the skin on either side of the nose
  7. adnexa
    any appendages or excessory structures of an organ
  8. conjuctiva
    mucous membrane of each eyelid; forms a protective mucous covering of the eye
  9. sclera
    white of the eye that maintains the white of the eye
  10. cornera
    transparent anterial portion of the sclera; one of the few body parts w/o capillaries
  11. macu/o
  12. fove/o
  13. lens
    flexible and curved structure found behind the iris and pupil
  14. ocular champer
    lies in front of lens; subdivided by the irsi into the anterior and posterior chmabers
  15. canal schlemn
    the structure that drains the aquous humor
  16. optic disk
    blind spot; where optic nerve and blood vessels enter the eye
  17. macula
    area of the retina that is repsonable for centeral oir straight head vision
  18. accommodation
    the process where the eye makes ajustments for seeing objects at different distances; includes constriction and dialation of the pupil, movement of the eye and changes in the shape of the lens
  19. enucleation
    the process of removing the entire opening or mass from the supporting tissue
  20. diopter
    measurethe refractive error of the eye
  21. flourescein angiography
    test that assesses the blood and the leakage in and beneath the retina; done by injection
  22. evisceration
    removal of the contents of the eye while leaving the sclera and cornea intact
  23. chalazion
    swelling of the eyelid due to an obstruction of one of the subacous folics of the eyelid
  24. cataract
    the clouding of the lens, can cause partial or total blindness
  25. achromatopsia
    color blindness
  26. Macular Degneration
    a condition in which blood and fluids leak from the introcular vessels and vision cells that leads to permit visual loss
  27. retinablastoma
    neoplastic intraocular disease thats found primarily in children
  28. exopthalmos
    protusion of one or both eye assocated w/ hyperthroidism
  29. astigmatism
    a defect of the refraction powers do to the curve of the cornea
  30. nyctalopia
    the person is not able to see at night
  31. amblyopia
    dimness of vision or partial loss of night vision w/o any type of dected lesion
  32. auricle
    outer ear; collects sound waves
  33. pinna
    outter ear
  34. cerumen
    wax secretion of the glands of the ear
  35. tympanic membrane
    ear drum; located b/w the middle and outer ear
  36. ossicles
    small bones found in middle ear
  37. oval window
    membrane that seperates the middle ear from the inner ear, on the external surface of the cochlea
  38. labyrinth
    inner ear
  39. hair cells
    tiny nerve endings that line the cochlea
  40. semicircular canals
    located in the inner ear contain the liquid and sensitive hair cells
  41. labyrinthitis
    inflammation of the inner ear causing vertigo
  42. tinnitus
    ringing in the ear
  43. vertigo
    halusination of movement
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