1. What is the surface markings of the heart?
    • 2nd ICS; left of sternum
    • 3rd CC; on the right
    • 6th CC; on the right
    • 5th ICS; left MCL
  2. What are the two parts of the mediastinum?
    • Superior
    • Inferior
    • Inferior is divided into posterior, middle, and anterior
  3. What are the layers of the epicardium?
    • Fibrous
    • Serous (Parietal and visceral)
  4. This is a double-walled sac which contains the heart.
  5. This is the space between the parietal pericardium and visceral pericardium
    pericardial cavity
  6. What forms the right border of the heart?
    Right atrium
  7. What forms the anterior border of the heart?
    • Right ventricle
    • Apex of left ventricle
  8. What forms the base (posterior) of the heart?
    left atrium
  9. What forms the left margin of the heart?
    left ventricle
  10. The most inferior and lateral part of the heart where you can hear a beat
    • Apex beat
    • it should be 5th ICS MCL Left
  11. What are branches of RCA?
    • Acute marginal
    • PIV
  12. Where does the RCA arise from? (hint: cusps)
    Sinus of anterior aortic cusp
  13. Where does the LCA arise from?
    Sinus of the Left Posterior Aortic Cusp
  14. What are the branches of the LCA?
    • Circumflex artery
    • AIV
  15. Which branch supplies the cardiac muscle?
  16. Which branch supplies the electrical system of the heart?
  17. What is the main venous drainage of the heart?
    • Great, Middle, Small cardiac veins --> Coronary sinus --> right atrium
    • Anterior vein --> right atrium
    • Thebesian Veins --> chamber
  18. By which arteries do the Great, Middle, and Small cardiac veins run?
    • GCV with the AIVA
    • MCV with the PIVA
    • SCV with the marginal
  19. What is blood supply to left atrium?
  20. What supplies the apex of the heart?
  21. What vertebral levels is the atrium?
    • 3 CC
    • to 6 CC
  22. This seperates the 2 parts of the atrium (primitive and true atrium)
    Crista terminalis
  23. This is found where the sulcus terminalis meets the SVC
    SA node
  24. External groove between SVC and IVC
    sulcus terminalis
  25. This node is found in the inter-atrial septum just above the coronary sinus.
    Av node
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