English Vocab 16-18

  1. conversely
    In an opposite manner; to an altoether different way
  2. proponent
    someone who supports a cause
  3. quest
    a search; pursuit
  4. prevalent
    widespread; common
  5. contend
    to state to be so; claim; affirm
  6. contemporary
    Modern; up-to-date
  7. charisma
    the quality of a leader which captures great popular devotion; person magnetism; charm.
  8. poignant
    emotionally moving; touching
  9. traumatic
    causing painful emotions, with possible long-lasting psychological effects
  10. extrovert
    an outgoing, sociable person.
  11. perception
    insight or understanding gained through observation; impression
  12. prone
    having a tendency; inclined (to do something)
  13. prompt
    to urge into action; motivate
  14. rationale
    the underlying reasons for something; logical basis
  15. flippant
    disrespectful and not serious enough
  16. rapport
    relationship. especially one that is close, trusting or sympathetic
  17. relentless
    persistent; continuous
  18. reprisal
    the paying back of one injury or bad deed with another
  19. impasse
    a situation with no way out; dead end
  20. congenial
    agreeable or pleasent in charcter; friendly; sociable
  21. magni-, magn-
    Great; large
  22. -fy
    cause to be or become; make
  23. pro-
    forward; forth
  24. phob
  25. di, du
    Two; double
  26. -ish
    resemblinb; like; characteristic of
  27. cor, cour
  28. psycho-, psych-
    mental process; mind
  29. -dom
    state of being; condition
  30. il- im-
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