Human Diversity

  1. Jewish Immigration
    • 1700s mass immigration when britain took over- due to religion
    • 1845- potato famine- escaping starvation/persecution, seeking better economy
  2. Fear of Irish
    • willing to work for low wages
    • lose jobs
  3. Irish stereotypes
    • immoral
    • unintelligent
    • hot tempered
    • drunks
    • fighers
    • corrupt in business
    • can't be trusted
  4. Italian immigration
    • 1860- seeking economic opportunities
    • mainly from southern italy
    • Union movement
  5. Fear of Italians
    low wages, same as Irish
  6. Irish stereotypes
    • unintelligent
    • trouble makers
    • emotional
    • jealous
    • mafia involved
  7. Conflict between Irish and Italians
    • scarcity in economic opportunities
    • in competition for low wages, limited housing, similar education opportunities
    • began to work together
  8. Immigration Act of 1924
    set low quotas for certain immigrant groups
  9. Jewish Immigration
    • fleeing religious persecution from all over
    • spain and portugal
    • germany
    • Europe
    • US has the largest Jewish Population
  10. Fear of Jewish Immigrants
    • did not come seeking economic stability
    • fleeing persecution
    • competed with middle and upper society
  11. Jewish stereotypes
    • cheap
    • materialistic
    • unfair negotiators
  12. Current Issues for White Ethnic groups
    • prejudice/discrimination due to religion
    • ethnic enclaves in lg cities
    • ethnic distinction-practicing jews, clothing, etc
    • persistent stereotypes
    • catholic church issues
  13. African Americans- slavery
    • for life
    • inherited
    • could not own/inherit property
    • considered to be property
    • no rights
  14. Emancipation Proclamation
    • January 1, 1863
    • Lincoln freed the slaves
  15. June 19, 1865
    Documented date when slaves heared about EP
  16. 13th amendment
    officially abolished slavery in the US
  17. 14th amendment
    gave citizenship to those born in or naturalized in the US
  18. 15th Amendment
    prohibited denial of voting rights for men on grounds of race, color, or previous condition of servitude
  19. Jim Crow Laws
    series of laws put in place to disenfranchize the freed slaves and other minority groups
  20. Plessy versus Ferguson
    • legalized separate but equal
    • rail cars
    • water fountains
  21. Brown vs. Board
    • formal challenge to Plessy ruling in area of EDUCATION
    • separate but equal has no place in education
  22. Southern Christian Leadership Conference
    • SCLC
    • organized by MLK
    • marches, protests, etc.
  23. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • outlawed Jim Crow practices
    • Malcolm X and MLK in same place
  24. African Americans current issues
    • de facto segregation
    • low academic completion
    • poverty
    • loan discrimination
    • incarceration rates
  25. Native Americans
    US Policy of separation
    • tribes treated as separate nations
    • led to Indian removal act
  26. Indian removal act 1830
    • biggest result of US Policy of separation
    • relocated eastern tribes to west of Mississippi
    • trail of tears
  27. US Policy of assimilation
    shift in policy to assimilate tribes into US population
  28. General Allotment act
    • Dawes Act
    • encourage assimilation
    • used blood quantum
    • given land and 25 years... most land was assumed back
  29. Indian Claims Commission Act
    • established to hear disputes with Dawes act
    • good in theory, but now real power
  30. Termination Act
    • phasing out
    • intedted to give independence, but tribes weren't stable
  31. American Indian Movement
    • AIM
    • black panthers
    • increase in cultural pride
    • used confrontation and media attn to resolve issues
    • fish ins
    • alcatraz
  32. Indian Self-determination and education assistance act
    • tribal control over edu opportunities
    • est. tribally run colleges
    • prevent brain drain
    • walton scholars
  33. Native American current issues
    • lower life expectancy rates
    • most likely to be crime victims
    • high suicide
    • high addiction
    • low academic completion
    • casinos
    • identifiability
  34. Latino Americans
    • spanish speaking
    • soon to be largest sub-population in US
  35. Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago
    • resolution of Mexican-American War
    • US Paid 15 mil. to annex TX, NM, AZ, and most of CA
  36. Repatriation
    • rounded up migrant farm workers and put them in MX but didn't check status
    • those not repatriated joined together- barros
  37. Los Braceros Program
    • contract between Mexico and US gov.
    • contracted mexicans to work as farm workers
    • braceros- no legal rights
  38. Operation Wetback
    • derogatory statement about legal status
    • went to border towns and rounded them up and shipped them back
  39. Jones Act- Puerto Rico
    granted unrestricted acces btw island and mainland US
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