april 4

  1. Router
    devicethat identifies the destination of messages and sends them via an appropriate route
  2. Search Engine
    program that searches a large database to find matching items. The most common use of a search engine is to find Internet addresses based on given key words
  3. Secondary Memory
    type of memory that allows a user to store data and programs for as long as desired, for example on a hard disk drive
  4. Security
    security in the context of computing is a large subject but in outline it might refer to risk to hardware, software, or information
  5. Selection Sort
    is an algorithm that works as follows:

    • a. Find the minimum value in the list
    • b. Swap it with the value in the first position
    • c. Repeat the steps above for the remainder of the list (starting at the second position and advancing each time)
  6. Semantics
    The relationships of characters or groups of characters to their meanings
  7. Sensor
    a device that detects measurable elements of a physical process for transfer to a computer
  8. Sequential Access
    an access method used to read from, write to or remove records from a file based on their logical order in the file.

    • Or (just one, not both
    • are needed, you choose)

    method to access one record at a time, from first to last, in order to read from, write to or remove the record from the file.
  9. Sequential File
    a file in which records are ordered and retrieved using sequential access.
  10. Sequential Search
    a search in which records in a file or other data structure are examined one by one in the order they were entered until a specific criterion is met or there are no more records to examine
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