Integumentary System

  1. What makes up the integumentarty system
    Skin, glands, hair, nails
  2. Basal Layer
    • deepest layer of the epidermis
    • cells mulitply and push upward- as they do they die and become keratin
  3. Keratin
    • gives skin the ability to be waterproof
    • major component of epidermis
  4. Pallor
    pale, absense of skin color
  5. Hyperesthesia
    excessive sensitivity to stimuli
  6. estes-
  7. kerat/o
    horny, hard
  8. Corium
    Right under the epidermis, true skin, contains capalases, nerve endings, and no adipose
  9. tactile
    pertain to touch
  10. polyps
    growth extending on or stalk begine but can become malignant
  11. sebaceous glands
    oil secteting glands, found in the dermis layer, closely related w/ hair falicles
  12. sebum
    • oil that is secreated, releases through the ducts that open into the hair folicles
    • Protect against infection
  13. Sudoriferous Gland/ Sweet Gland
    • tiny glands that are found in many parts of the body
    • opening --->pore
  14. onych/o
  15. lunula
    moon-shaped white region of the nail
  16. matrix
    growth area of the nail
  17. ung
  18. frozen Bx
    BX done fore immediate diagnosis
  19. TNM staging system
    • tumor, node, metastasis
    • tumor- size and location
    • node- what lymph test coming from
    • metastasis- tumor cells travel to remote regions of the body
  20. comedo
    black, build up of sebum and keratin in the pore of the skin
  21. hirsutism
    abnormal harness
  22. alpecia
    balding; partial or complete lack of hair
  23. ichthyosis
    itchy dry skin
  24. vit/o
    defect, blemish
  25. furuncle
    localized skin infection that originated from a hair folicle- boil
  26. carbuncle
    infection of skin, cluster of furuncle
  27. abscess
    cavity containing pus that is surrounded by inflamed or necrotic tissue
  28. tinea
    fungal skin disease- ringworm
  29. pediculosis
    head lice
  30. antipruritios
    an agent used to releave itching
  31. eschar
    damaged tissue following a sever burn
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