English 11

  1. apostate
    one who forsakes his or her religion, party, cause

    • s: renegade, defector, turncoat
    • a: true beleiver, loayalist
  2. bravado
    a display of false or assumed courage

    • s: swagger, bluster
    • a: mattle, bravery, pluck
  3. consensus
    a collective or general agreement of opinion, feeling, or thinking

    • s: unanimity, concord, accord, harmony
    • a: dissension, discord, disagreement
  4. constrict
    to make smaller or narrower, draw together, squeeze, to stop

    • s: contract, surb, restrain
    • a: enlarge, dilate, expand
  5. dichotomy
    a division into two contradictory or mutually exclusive parts

    • s: schism, division, bifurcation
    • a: uniformity, oneness
  6. effusive
    highly demonstrative; unrestrained

    • s: gushy, lavish
    • a: restrained, reserved, muted
  7. euphoria
    a feeling of happiness or weel-being, often with no objective basis

    • s: elation, bliss, ecstacy, rapture
    • a: melanchony, depression, gloom
  8. gothic
    charaterized by or emphasizing a gloomy setting and grotesque or violant events

    s: sinister, eerie
  9. impasse
    a dead end; a position from which there is no escape

    s: deadlock, standoff, stalemate
  10. lugubrious
    sad, mournful, or gloomy

    • s: doleful, melanchony, dismal, dolorous
    • a: merry, jovial, funny
  11. metamorphosis

    s: change makeover
  12. mystique
    a aura or altitude of mystery or veneration surrounding something

    s: charisma
  13. non sequitur
    an inference that does not follow logically from the facts

    s: illogical reference, unsound conclusion
  14. parlous
    full of danger or risk

    • s: hazardous, risky, dangerous
    • a: safe, secure, risk-free
  15. punctilio
    a minute detail of conduct, an instant of time

    s: fine point, nicety
  16. quagmire
    soft soggy mud or slush

    • s: fen, marsh, bog, morass
    • a: bedrock, solid footing, terra firma
  17. quixotic
    extravagently or ramantically idealistic; visionary without regard to practical considerations

    • s: fanciful, impractical
    • a: realistic, down-to-earth
  18. raconteur
    a person who tells stories and anecdotes with skill

    s: storyteller, anecdotist
  19. sine qua non
    an essential or indispensable element or condition

    s: necessity, requisite, desideratum
  20. vendetta
    a prolonged feud, often between 2 families

    s: blood feud, rivalry
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