nutra: diet, disease and prevention

  1. A drink is ___ beer, ____ wine, ____ of 80 proof spirit or ____ of 100 proof spirits.
    • 12 oz (360ml) beer
    • 4 oz (120ml, 1/2 wine glass) wine
    • 1.5 oz (45ml) 80 proof
    • 1 oz (30ml) 100 proof
  2. drinking too much alcohol can lead to...
    • inc TG, BP, calorie
    • heart failure
    • stroke
  3. when __ and __ change, taste can change as well.
    • thyroid fxn
    • inc age
  4. pathophysiology of celiac disease.
    intolerant to gluten (protein in rye, wheat, barley) so damage to intestinal villi and impair absorption of nutrients
  5. what serious conditions can celiac disease lead to?
    • concomitant autoimmune disease
    • certain malignancies of intestines.
    • osteoporosis
    • iron deficiency anemia etc.
    • because of nutrient deficiency
  6. three brands of vitamin for celiac disease patients?
    • need to be gluten free
    • Theragram
    • Centrum
    • Nature Made
  7. how to manage for celiac disease?
    • assess nutrient deficiency.
    • iron, folate, B12 (until gluten free diet is stabilized and intestinal tract heals)
    • fiber (Metamucil, Benefiber) - important b/c most gluten free diet are low in fiber
    • BMD for newly diagnosed
  8. what is your diet tip for osteoporosis patients?
    • decrease protein (b/c causes Ca loss)
    • inc calcium and vit D intake (from diet)
    • dec caffeine and alcohol
    • weight bearing exercise
    • rid of soft drink (b/c phosphorus)
  9. Calcium recommendation for men/pre-meno and post-meno?
    • men and pre meno: 1200mg
    • post meno: 1500mg
  10. you are vitamin D deficient if <___. how many units would be good?
    • 30
    • 400 or 600-800 units supplement
    • give vitamin D3
  11. why avoid soft drink if osteoporosis?
    b/c of phosphorus
  12. how to manage diet in parkinson's disease?
    • keep diet well balanced.
    • limit protein (b/c affect levodopa efficacy)
    • avoid acidic, spicy, fatty food
  13. what is the diet recommendation for renal disease?
    • limit sodium (excess fluid retention so inc BP)
    • limit protein (b/c contribute to urea)
    • limit potassium (b/c hyperkalemia)
    • limit phosphorus (b/c hypercalcemia; peanut butter, cheese, sardine, beer, ice cream)
    • limit fluid
  14. what food has a lot of phsphorus?
    peanut butter, cheese, sardine, beer, ice cream
  15. explain ketogenic diet.
    • for epilepsy patient (esp for children)
    • high fat and low carb diet (4:1 or 3:1) to produce ketosis. small protein as well.
    • document with urine test.
    • hold food for 24h and if ketone in urine, introduce the diet.
    • some GI disturbance b/c sudden change of diet.
  16. how to manage hyperemesis in pregnant women?
    • you need adequate nutrition for your children.
    • improve gastric motility to improve NV by....
    • take small frequent meal
    • take liquids 1 hr before and after meal.
    • avoid fatty food and spicy meal.
  17. how to manage diet in monoamine oxidate inhibitor patients?
    • avoid aged food
    • leftover or unfresh protein food
    • MSG, high level of caffeine (mimic tyramine)
    • could eat cheese etc. after 14 days of d/c MAOi
  18. tyramine + MAOi can cause what problem?
    • htn crisis
    • headache, diarrhea, inc BP
    • could cause death
    • continue 3 wk beyond therapy
  19. what meds are MAOi?
    • phenelzine
    • selegiline
    • isocarboxazide
  20. when is purine restricted diet used?
    • uric acid stones
    • gout patient
  21. what diet should you use for uric acid stone patients?
    • purine restricted diet.
    • avoid organ meat
    • rid of alcohol
    • inc fluid intake
    • low purine intake
    • low-mod fat
  22. pregnant women need extra ___ calories.
    breast feeding women need extra __ calories.
    • 300
    • 500
  23. how to eat if you are breast feeding?
    • maintain fluid
    • extra calorie intake (500cal)
    • continue pre-natal vitamins
    • extra calcium!!! (1000mg)
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