AP English Vocab Lesson 13-15

  1. adhere
    to stick fast or together by
  2. aggregate
    gathered together into a mass
  3. dissimulate
    to conceal under a false appearance
  4. egregious
    outstandingly bad; flagrant
  5. ensemble
    any unit that contributes to a single effect
  6. facsimile
    an exact reproduction or copy
  7. gregarious
    enjoying the company of others
  8. inherent
    existing as an essential, natural part
  9. segregate
    to isolate or separate from others
  10. semblance
    an outward or token appearance; form
  11. affront
    to insult intentionally
  12. altercation
    a heated and noisy quarrel
  13. antagonist
    one who opposes another; adversary
  14. bellicose
    warlike in manner or temperament
  15. breach
    a breaking up or disruption of friendly relations
  16. contentious
  17. dissension
    a difference in opinion
  18. rancor
    bitter, long-lasting, ill will
  19. retribution
    something demanded in repayment
  20. schism
    a separation or division into factions
  21. arbitration
    the impartial settlement of a dispute
  22. attaché
    a person assigned to a diplomatic office
  23. consulate
    the premises occupied by a consul
  24. covenant
    a binding agreement made by two parties
  25. discretion
    quality of exhibiting a cautious reserve
  26. emissary
    agent who represents the interests of a group
  27. entente
    an agreement between two or more governments
  28. Machiavellian
    of an amoral political doctrine
  29. protocol
    ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats
  30. status quo
    the existing state of affairs
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AP English Vocab Lesson 13-15
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