Chapter 5 Math Test 2. txt

  1. Define Numeration System
    a set of symbols and the rules for combining these symbols; communicate number ideas
  2. Define Number
    abstract idea that characterizes the quantity of a set "can't see or speak"
  3. Define Numeral
    symbol that names the number characteristic of a set "communicate idea of number"
  4. Define Digit
    individual symbols that are used to create numerals
  5. Name the Three Values of Base 10
    • 1. Fave Value
    • 2. Place Value
    • 3. Total Value
  6. Definition of Face Value
    the cardinality of the family of sets that is associated with a digit. it is stable
  7. Definition of Place Value
    the value of the position the digit occupies. it is stable.
  8. Definition of Total Value
    face value x place value. it is variable.
  9. Reasoning for Teaching Place Value to Children
    children will understand the way number systems work
  10. Rounding Thinking Process
    Such a # is between this many tens and this many tens but is closer to this many tens.
  11. Nonstandard Interpretations of Numbers
    • 1. written in place value
    • 2. always one standard interpretation
    • 3. must write out every word and no abbreviations
    • 4. 1254 (1 thousand + 2 hundreds + 5 tens + 4 ones)
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