april 6th test

  1. interest groups are
    private organizations that try to shape public policy
  2. interest groups are sometimes called
  3. pluralist tend to see interest groups as
    im portant tools of political representation
  4. which statement is true
    • a. the # of interest groups has remained stable since 1960
    • b. interest group activities have decreased since the 60's
    • c. the number of interest groups has increased dramaticly since the 60's.
    • (the answer is c)
  5. the first amendment
    protects the right of citizens to assemble into interest groups
  6. a public interest group is
    a citizens group organized around a cause
  7. collective goods cause problems in interest groups because
    everyone benefits from them so they can lead to free loading
  8. doctors, lawyers, and dentists are most likely to belong to
    professional groups
  9. peaople active in public interst groups tend to be motivated by
    ideological concerns
  10. lulac is a civil rights group founded in
    corpus christi texas
  11. many successful lobbyists today are
    former government employees
  12. in lobbying congress, interest groups spend most of their time trying to cultivate relationships with
    congressional members and thier staff
  13. interest groups focus attention on the executive branch because
    executive branch officials can have a great deal of control over policy
  14. the key to success in lobbying the executive branch is
    person contact and cooperative long term relationships
  15. when an interst group files an amicus curiae brief the group
    filed an argument in support of one side or the other "friend of the court"
  16. the most economicly well off interst groups are
    business corporattions and the professions
  17. where interest groups tend to matter the most is
    in the small details of legislation forged mainley in the commitees and subcommitties of congress
  18. the politics of faction in the united states is most the province of
    narrow, particularistic, and priveliged interests
  19. a common feature of all interest groups is
    they are organized around shared interests
  20. lobbyists targets----,----,--- with their direct lobbying stategies
    congress, the presidents, and courts
  21. the most common interest in washington dc are
    corporation and buisness trade associations
  22. all members of interest groups must invest their
    time, money, and energy
  23. which organization is the most powerful and successful interest group
    AARP, american assosiation of retired persons
  24. efforts to regulate lobbying activities more effectivley may conflict with
    the first amendment right to petition government
  25. professional lobbyists are often
    lawyers, former members of congress, former members of government agencies
  26. by what means can interests groups influence elections>?
    financial support, campaign activism
  27. what type of groups generally have the most trouble retaining members?
  28. the most important qualifications for being a lobbyist is
    experiance with washington and government operations
  29. the most controversial aspect of interest group politics is
    political action committies (pac) financing of congressional campaigns
  30. if an interst group wants to influence policy decisions at the implementation stage efforts should be directed toward the
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