1. Atropine Sulfate

    Trade Name
    • Atropine
    • Atropair
    • Sal-Tropine
    • Ophthalmic: Atropisol, Isopto Atropine
  2. Atropine Sulfate

    Anticholinergic agent
  3. Atropine Sulfate

    Mechanism of Action
    • Parasympatholytic: inhibits action of acetylcholine at postganglionic parasympathetic neuroeffector sites
    • Increases heart rate in life-threatening bradydysrhythmias
  4. Atropine Sulfate

    • Hemodynamically significant bradycardia
    • Organophosphate poisoning
  5. Atropine Sulfate

    • Tachycardia
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Unstable cardiovascular status in acute hemorrhage and myocardial ischemia
    • Narrow-angle glaucoma
  6. Atropine Sulfate

    Adverse Reactions
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Palpitations
    • Nausea/Vomiting
    • Tachycardia
    • Dysrhythmias
    • Anticholinergic effects (blurred vision, dry mouth, urinary retention)
    • Paradoxical bradycardia when pushed slowly or at low doses
    • Flushed (hot dry skin)
  7. Atropine Sulfate

    Drug Interactions
    • Potential adverse effects when administered with digoxin, cholinergics, physostigmine
    • Effects enhanced by antihistamines, procainamide, quinidine, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and antidepressants
  8. Atropine Sulfate

    How Supplied
    • Prefilled syringes: 1.0 mg in 10 ml of solution.
    • Injection Solution as Sulfate: 0.5mg/ml (1ml); 1mg/ml (1ml); 0.1mg/ml (5ml,10ml); 0.4mg/ml (1ml, 20ml)
    • Autoinjectors: supplied with other medications, for use as a Nerve Agent Antidote
  9. Atropine Sulfate

    Dosage and Administration
    • Bradydysrhythymias: 0.5 mg IV/IO every 3-5 minutes as needed to maximum total dose of 3mg (pacing is first-line therapy)
    • Organophosphate Poisoning Management: 2.0-5.0 mg IV/IO
  10. Atropine Sulfate

    Dosage and Administration
    Bradydysrhythmias: 0.02 mg/kg IV/IO (minimum single dose 0.1mg, maximum single dose 1.0mg) (epinephrine is first-line therapy)
  11. Atropine Sulfate

    Duration of Action
    • Onset: Immediate
    • Peak Effect: Rapid to 1-2 minutes
    • Duration: 2-6 hours
  12. Atropine Sulfate

    Special Considerations
    • Pregnancy Safety: Category C
    • Moderate doses dilate pupils
    • Was routinely administered for Asystole/PEA prior to release of the 2010 AHA ECC Guidelines changes. (1mg q. 3-5 min. max 3mg)
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