Chapter 19

  1. Which of the following is not true?
    for the forseeable future, the debate about same sex marriages in California has likely ended.
  2. Plea bargains are generally the reslut of
    efforts to lessen the increeased case load faced by the courts.
  3. CA courts of appeal have orig. jurisdiction over all of the following types of cases EXCEPT
    Death penalty cases
  4. Superior Court Judges
    Are appointed by the Governor only
  5. CA's criminal law stipulates that all principles to a crime including those who aid and abet other parties to commit a crime:
    are equally euqally guilty whether they were present during the crime
  6. The philosophy of rehabilitation in state prisons
    has never been popular in CA
  7. District attorneys are responsible for all of the following except
    Administering County Jails
  8. Ina civil trial guilt must be proved
    by a preponderance of evidence
  9. Once on the bench , justices of the Supreme Court tend to
    adhere to ideological prefrences of the Governor who appointed them
  10. CA's supreme court's stongest initiative against initiatives is
    the single subject rule
  11. A person charged with an infraction is not entitled to a trial by jury or public defense
  12. In CA health inspectors are granted police powers
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