1. You work as the security administrator at One morning you discover thata user named Mia Hamm has used her user account to log on to a network server. Mia has then executed a program and been able to perform operations which only a network administrator or security administrator should be able to. What type of attack has occurred?
    Privilege escalation attack
  2. Which of the following attacks are being referred to if someone is accessing your e-mail server and sending inflammatory information to others?
  3. Repudiation Attack
  4. Which security management model works on the basis that all new privilege assignments and privilege assignment modifications made to existing privileges are performed through one governing group?
  5. Centralized security management model
  6. What does the MAC access control model use to identify the users who have permissions to a resource?
  7. Predefined access privileges.
  8. An attack in which a user logs into a server with his user account, executes a program and then performed activities only available to an administrator is an example of which of thefollowing?
    Privilege escalation
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