Topic 11 - Metals

  1. All metals ______ electricity when solid or liquid?
  2. Metals such as aluminium and copper are used to make cooking pots because they are good conductors of...?
  3. Metals such as copper are used to make electrical cables because they are good conductors of...?
  4. Metals which are easily shaped are described as being...?
  5. Metals which are easily drawn out into wires are described as being...?
  6. Why is iron, in the form of steel, used for many structures?
    As it is strong and malleable
  7. Why are aluminium alloys used to make aircraft bodies?
    As they are light and cheap
  8. What compounds are produced when metals react with oxygen?
  9. What is produced when a metal reacts with water?
    Hydrogen gas and an alkali solution of the metal hydroxide
  10. What is produced when a metal reacts with acid?
    Hydrogen gas and a salt
  11. The least reactive metals like silver, gold and platinum can be found uncombined - that is they can be found as the _____ metal?
  12. Metals which can be found uncombined in the Earth's crust were among the _____ metals discovered?
  13. Metals which are low in the reactivity series such as mercury and silver can be extracted from their ores by _____ alone?
  14. Metals from zinc down to copper in the reactivity series are extracted from their ores by heating the ore with...?
  15. The extraction of a metal from its ore is an example of a _______ reaction?
  16. What poisonous gas is used as the reducing agent for iron ore in a blast furnace?
    carbon monoxide
  17. How is iron obtained industrially?
    By heating iron ore with carbon in a blast furnace
  18. In a blast furnace the first reaction wich occurs is the burning of carbon in a plentiful supply of of air to form...?
    carbon dioxide gas
  19. In a blast furnace the second reaction to occur is the reaction between carbon dioxide and hot carbon to form the poisonous gas...?
    carbon dioxide
  20. In the third reaction in a blast furnace the carbon monoxide reduces the iron (III) oxide to...?
    iron metal and carbon dioxide gas
  21. When two metals are melted together they form an...?
  22. The properties of an alloy depend on its...?
  23. Steel is an alloy made by mixing together...?
    iron and the non-metal carbon
  24. The supply of metals is _______ and so we should conserve them?
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