chapter 6 Terms

  1. annulment
    a declaration by a court that a valid marriage never existed
  2. bigamy
    entering or attempting to enter a marriage when a prior marriage of one or both parties is still valid
  3. divorce
    a declaration by a court that a marriage has been dissolved so that the parties are no longer married to each other
  4. domicile
    the place where a person has been physically present with the intent to make that place a permanent home
  5. grounds
    acceptable reasons for seeking a particular result
  6. impotence
    the inability to have sexual intercourse
  7. legal separation
    a declaration by a court that parties can live separate and apart even though they are still married to each other
  8. polygamy
    the practice of having more than one spouse while they ara married
  9. testate
    dying with a valid will
  10. voidable marriage
    a marriage that is invalid whether or not a court declares it so
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