Anatomy E4, VII ABD

  1. Concavity caudal to last rib:
    Paralumbar Fossa
  2. The Yellow Abd Tunic, AKA _____, covers ():
    • EAO
    • Transverse Abdominal m
    • Rectus Abdominis m
  3. Costoabdominal N...
    • Location:
    • T13
    • Supplies:
    • Preputial Skin
    • Mucous Mem of Prepuce
  4. Dorsal Cutaneous N
    • Supplies:
    • Skin of Dorsal 1/3 of abdomen
  5. Ventral Branches of lumbar spinal nn
    Dorsolateral abd wall
  6. Which nerves are important for abd incisions?
    Ventral Branches of Lumbar Spinal nn
  7. Blocking ___-___ ventral branches are used to anesthetize the flank region
  8. To block T13, insert the needle...
    under the tip of L1 transverse process
  9. To block L1, insert the needle...
    Below the tip of L3 transverse process
  10. To block L2, insert the needle...
    ventral to the tip of L4
  11. Iliohypogastric =
  12. Ilioinguinal= L2
  13. Ruminant true stomach
  14. Which parts of the ruminant stomach form the biological/funcitonal stomach?
    Rumen & Reticulum = Ruminoreticulum
  15. Lock-Gate=
    • Torus Pyloricus
    • (regulates flow form abomasum to duodenum)
    • ?Omasum
    • (separates the ruminoreticulum and abomasum)
  16. The rumen, reticulum and omasum are collectively called...
    forestomach or proventriculus
  17. The rumen extends from ____ to ____ and from ____ to ___
    • Diaphram to Pelvic Inlet
    • Hypaxial mm to Abd Floor
  18. What part of the rumen is etirely on the R side?
  19. Divides rumen into Dorsal and Ventral
    Longitudinal grooves
  20. Which grooves demarcate the caudo-dorsal and caudo-ventral blind sac
    Dorsal and Ventral Coronary Grooves
  21. Which grooves demarcate the insular ruminis?
    • R accessory
    • R Longitudinal
  22. Cranial part of the ventral sac
    Recessus Ruminis
  23. Ruminoreticular groove = _____, internally
    Ruminoreticular Fold
  24. Ruminal Paracentesis is AKA ___
    • Trocarization
    • (Central Part of the Paralumbar Fossa)
  25. What attaches to the ruminal L longitudinal Groove?
    Superficial Layer of the Omentum
  26. What attaches to the R longitudinal Groove?
    Deep Leaf of the Omentum
  27. Which Recess do ruminants lack?
  28. "police man"=
  29. What are the fucntions of the omentum?
    • Lubrication
    • Absorption of fluid
    • Production of WBC (can move to sites of infection)
  30. Gastric Grooves:
    • Reticular
    • Omasal
    • Abomasal
  31. The reticular groove is part of
    gastric groove
  32. The gastric groove is a direct route from the __ to the __
    Cardia (esophagial opening) to the Pyloris of the abomasum
  33. The Gastric Groove is not involved in...
    • Swallowing
    • Regurgitation
    • Eruction
  34. The reticular groove can be iatrogenically cotrolled with...
    • Copper Sulfate in sheep
    • 10% Sodium Bicarbonate in cattle
  35. Ascultation of the reticulum is performed at the...
    L 6-7 ICS
  36. The heart is located at...
    6th ICS
  37. The vertex of the diaphram is located at...
    6/7th ICS
  38. Cr Reticulum is located at..
    6/7 ICS
  39. Manyplies =
  40. Spaces btw the omasal leaves
    Interlaminar Recesses
  41. What guards the omaso-abomasal opening?
    Abomasal Vela
  42. Where is the omasal groove located within the omasum?
  43. What does the omasal groove connect?
    • reticulo-omsal ostium
    • omasa-abomasal ostium
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Anatomy E4, VII ABD
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