American History Exam

  1. What was one of the biggest underlying causes of the start of WWII?
    The Treaty of Versailles crippled the recovery of the German economy after WWI
  2. Why was it so important for Hitler to capture Denmark and Norway?
    Protect his sea lanes
  3. During WWII, who were “The Big Three” leaders?
    Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt
  4. Why was the Battle of Midway so important?
    Broke the Japanese supremacy in the Pacific
  5. The NAACP said, “A Jim crow army cannot fight for a free world.” What does this statement mean?
    A man not free in his own country cannot in good conscience fight for that country
  6. Why was Poland so important to Russia?
    Poland was the historic corridor used to invade Russia.
  7. Why did Truman drop two atomic bombs on Japan?
    To shorten the war and save lives
  8. Which statement is true?
    The first truly global war left Europe in ruins and the old balance of power in the world shattered.
  9. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried to satisfy Hitler’s demands on Czechoslovakia. His attempt towards a peaceful settlement was called the policy of…?
  10. What was the purpose of The Marshall Plan?
    Rebuild Europe
  11. How did the GI Bill of Rights under Truman’s New Deal influence colleges in America?
    2 million war veterans went to college
  12. What was McCarthyism?
    Rabid out of control anti-communism movement of the 1950s
  13. What was NSC-68?
    • This was a policy sent to Truman to increase military spending and develop a hydrogen bomb to “strive for
    • victory” over Russia
  14. The US came to the aid of South Korea dictator Syngmon Rhee when the north invaded to unite Korea. The US fought back the North Koreans
    when 400,000 Chinese poured across the border to trap 20,000 Americans at Chosan Reservoir. What was significant about that battle?
    That was American’s biggest defeat in it history
  15. What were the factors that prompted the US in 1954 to add “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance?
    Communists were atheists and the threat of nuclear war created the need for this distinction between the US and their sworn enemy Russia
  16. Why did rock and roll threaten upper and middle class America?
    It had the styles and rhythms of the lower classes
  17. Why did Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles decide to use the threat of atomic war against the Russians?
    Russian troops outnumbered US troops and this threat was cheaper
  18. Ho Chi Minh defeated the French in Vietnam and agreed to the Geneva peace agreement to pull back his troops
    to allow free elections. What did the US do once he did that?
    Double-crossed him and supported dictator Diem in the South to fight the North rather than have democratic elections
  19. What was the “Eisenhower Doctrine”?
    The President could declare war in crisis situations without Congressional approval
  20. Why did Eisenhower worry so much about the buildup of the military industrial complex?
    He felt their influence would be too strong and it would weaken democratic institutions
  21. What did the CIA do in Guatemala in 1954?
    Overthrow the democratic government to protect American businesses
  22. What was the result of Brown verses Board of Education?
    Overthrew “separate but equal” and required desegregation of schools at all possible speed
  23. What happened in 1955 in North Carolina at the lunch counter sit-in?
    Joseph McNeill, a black man, sat in the whites only section one day, four joined him the next day, and by the weekend 1600 black people sat-in in protest of the white only policy.
  24. President Johnson pushed through the Medicare Act with his Great Society programs. What did that act provide?
    Health insurance for the elderly to cover hospital costs
  25. The Civil Rights music included Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. What music did they offer to the movement?
    Blowing In the Wind and We Shall Overcome
  26. In 1964 what English group changed popular music and popular culture in the US?
    The Beatles
  27. Dr. Martin Luther King wrote “Letters from Birmingham Jail”. What did he advocate in this letter?
    Civil disobedience to force a showdown against segregationists
  28. What single factor seemed to destroy Johnson’s efforts for a Great Society to create equality and prosperity?
  29. Who wrote, “The enemy must fight his battles far from his home base for a long time.We must further weaken him by drawing him into protracted campaigns.Once his initial dash is broken, it will be easier to destroy him.”
    A Vietnamese strategist in 1284
  30. President Eisenhower had a theory about Southeast Asia that influenced the decisions by the next several American Presidents. What was that theory called?
    The domino theory
  31. In 1965 President Johnson’s staff of McNamara and Bundy told him the policy of war in Vietnam would lead to….
    Disastrous defeat
  32. The Tet Offensive in 1968 cost the North Vietnamese 40,000 soldiers and the Americans only 1,100
    solders. And yet the North Vietnamese considered it a victory. Why?
    • It proved to the American people that the information coming out of Washington was propaganda, and that
    • the war was going badly
  33. The deaths of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King signaled…
    The end of the liberal movement
  34. Who said that homosexuals “…might be the most oppressed people” in American society?
    Huey Newton
  35. What famous University of Phoenix professor has worked as an educator for over 22 years to save many
    Americans from a lack of knowledge?
    Dr. Mike Price
  36. How did Nixon try to reverse the federal policies on desegregation?
    Appoint new conservative judges
  37. Five burglars broke into the Watergate Hotel to go through the offices of the Democratic National
    Convention headquarters. This eventually led to the resignation of Nixon. What happened to Attorney General John Mitchell?
    He went to prison for the crimes he committed.
  38. The CIA had been involved in the assassination plots of foreign leaders in Cuba, Chile, South Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, and the Congo. What had
    they attempted to do to Martin Luther King?
    Get him to commit suicide
  39. Russia shipped weapons to Syria to be used against Israel. What did Carter do in response to this act?
    Formally recognize China and open up trade
  40. Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachen Begin of Israel agreed to a peace agreement at Camp David with President Carter. Sadat and Begin shared the Nobel Peace Prize for that agreement. What happened to them?
    They were both assassinated
  41. Islamic fundamentalists overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979. When Carter admitted the Shah into the United States for cancer treatment, what happened?
    53 hostages were taken at the American Embassy
  42. Ronald Reagan increased military spending and cut taxes. The result was to increase the divide between the rich and the poor. What else did it do?
    Made the US the biggest debtor nation
  43. Vatican II reined in the modern trends by resisting a wider role for women within the Catholic Church.
    What else did it do?
    Stiffened its policy against birth control
  44. Reagan cut programs for the poor; he
    reduced aid for food stamps, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Medicaid, school lunches, and housing assistance. Meanwhile, what happened to the poverty level?
    It rose 11%
  45. Reagan talked about what strategy regarding nuclear war?
    He talked about winning it
  46. Lieutenant Oliver North took the profits from selling arms to Iran and bought weapons for the Contras in
    Nicaragua. What did this process indicate and why was it so important?
    • It revealed a presidency out of control when an un-elected segment of the government could pursue its own
    • policies beyond legal channels
  47. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and East Germans streamed into West Germany. During the same year, what happened in China that was significant to the West?
    There was a massacre of students marching for democracy in Tiananmen Square shown on live television
  48. What health issue began in the 1980s that would become one of the greatest health problems the world would fact
    in the twentieth century?
  49. The Immigration Act of 1965 expected most of the immigrants to come from Europe. What actually happened?
    They mostly came from Asia and Latin America
  50. Buddhists and Hindus number about one million each in the US at the turn of the century. How may Muslims are in the US presently?
    Six million
  51. Yugoslavia was divided into many provinces including Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia.Why did Serbia start a war with Croatia and Bosnia and encourage “ethnic cleansing”?
    Serbia dominated Yugoslavia and urged all Serbians within Croatia and Bosnia to revolt
  52. NAFTA was designed to increase free trade between the US, Canada and Mexico to increase more jobs and more
    prosperity for all. What does NAFTA stand for?
    North American Free Trade Agreement
  53. Newt Gingrich led the Republicans to cause sweeping changes in American politics. His efforts ended federal aid to the poor children, cut food stamp programs, and placed a five-year termination on payments to any family. But he went too far and the public revolted when he did what?
    Forced the government to shut down twice
  54. Kenneth Star spent four years as the Special Prosecutor against the Clintons and their Whitewater investments. After $30 million and four years, what did he find?
    Only Clinton’s affair with Linda Tripp
  55. Barners-Lee shared the democratic vision common among software programmers and Internet pioneers. They helped set up the Internet as free to all. Why did governments find this so distressing?
    They couldn’t control it

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