Old Test Facts

  1. What vasodilator is effective ifor HTN in low renin, elderly, and Afircan Americans?
  2. What does ACE I do to K concentrations?
    • Increase
    • Distal tubule, decrease Na uptake, decrease K excretion, decrease H excretion --> metabolic acidosis
  3. When is it indicated to take Nitrates?
    TIme of angina attack and in anticipation of acute exercize/stress
  4. What are the uses for soduim Nitroprusside?
    Emergency HTN, severe heart failure
  5. What's different about the activation of sodium nitroprusside vs. Nitroglycerin?
    • Sodium Nitroprussdie - spontaneous non-enzymatic release of NO
    • Nitro - Avoid first pass metabolism in liver via spray/sublingual
  6. Tx for V-tach with remote MI
    Amoiderone or Lidocaine
  7. What's first line DVT treatment?
  8. What's the interaction between Cimetidine and Warfirin?
    • Increased warfarin effect due to decreased metabolism of warfarin (CYP450);
    • also alcohol, asprin, cimetidine, amioderone
  9. Direct Thrombin Inhibitors (renal/liver metabolism)
    • Liver: argatroban
    • Kidney: lepirudin, bivalirudin
  10. Which anti hyperlipidemia drugs are safe for pregnant women?
    Bile Resins (prevent absorption of bile)
  11. What's the treatment for Osteoperosis?
    Bisphoshonates (aldronate, -nates)
  12. Why are corticosteroids good treatment for asthma?
    High rate of first pass metabolism (after acting on primary target..bronchioles, deactivated in liver)
  13. What are side effects Oral Contraceptives?
    Breast Tenderness, depression, fluid retention, weight gain, decreased risk for cancer
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