LAS Acronyms

    Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care

    -Used to get grants
  2. AALAS
    American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

    Gives out information
  3. ACLAM
    American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

    Accreditation for vet
  4. ALAT
    Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician

    First level of AALAS accrd.
  5. ALF
    Animal Liberation Front

    Terrorist group in US
  6. AMA
    American Medical Association
  7. APHIS
    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

    Government organization under USDA. Inpsects facilities, zoos, pet stores. Does not look at mice, rats, bird.
  8. AV
    Attending Veterinarian
  9. AVMA
    American Veterinary Medical Association
  10. AWA
    Animal Welfare Act
  11. CMAR
    Certified Manager of Animal Resources

    4th and highest level of AALAS
  12. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Agency
  13. EPA
    Environmental Protection Agency
  14. FBR
    Foundation for Biomedical Research
  15. FDA
    Food and Drug Administration
  16. GLP
    Good Laboratory Practices
  17. IACUC
    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

    Oversees all animal use in Univerisity or Company
  18. iiFAR
    incurably ill For Animal Research
  19. ILAM
    Institute for Laboratory Animal Medicine

    another type of accreditation
  20. ILAR
    Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources

    Publishes guides; distributes laws
  21. LAT
    Laboratory Animal Technician

    2nd level of AALAS
  22. LATG
    Laboratory Animal Technologist

    3rd level of AALAS
  23. NABR
    National Association for Biomedical Research
  24. NIH
    National Institute of Health

    Major source of gov't funding through grants
  25. OLAW
    Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare

    Gives out information
  26. PETA
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  27. PHS
    Public Health Service
  28. PI
    Principle Investigator
  29. REAC
    Regulatory Enforcement of Animal Care

    part of the USDA
  30. USDA
    United States Department of Agriculture
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