Magnets and Electricity T4

  1. A device that connects to an electrical circuit that can be turned on and off. Is it a

    C. electromagnet
  2. The winding of wire around a base to make an electromagnet stronger is?

    D. Insulator
    A. Coil
  3. The center of the coils in an electromagnet. Often made of steel. Is it
    A. Insulator
    B. Conductor
    C. Compass
    D. Core
    D. Core
  4. The term for a switch when used in a telegraph machine is a ?

    A. Key
  5. Material which allows electricity to flow easily through is?

    C. Conductor
  6. Material which does not allow electricity to flow easily through is?

    C. Insulator
  7. A complete circle which electricity is able to flow through; often has wire, a battery, and a light bulb included is?

    A. Circuit
  8. An instrument used for finding direction is?

    C. Compass
  9. Iron or Iron alloy that can attract another piece of iron is?

    C. Magnet
  10. When two objects pull towards each other is?

    A. Attract
  11. Name three objects that will stick to a magnet?
    metal chair, staples, magnetic whiteboard, paper clip, metal file cabinet, etc.
  12. Name three objects that will NOT stick to a magnet?
    wood, rubber, plastic, straw, etc.
  13. What four directions do you find on a compass?
    North, South, East, West
  14. Name four objects that are considered insulators?
    cardboard, rubber tire, glass window, water bottle, wood desk, piece of gum, etc.
  15. What is the name of the international code that is made up of short and long clicks and are put together to form words and messages?
    Morse Code
  16. Explain what you would do to an electromagnet to make it stronger and able to pick up more washers?
    add more batteries or a bigger battery, add more coils around the core.
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