Ch 23 part 2

  1. The nurse notes that an advance directive is in the client's medical record. Which of the following statements represents the best description of guidelines a nurse would follow in this case?
    A living will is invoked only when the client has a terminal condition or is in a persistent vegetative state.
  2. Reflects decisions made by administrative bodies such as State Boards of Nursing when they pass rules and regulations. And example of a this law: The duty to report incompetent or unethical nursing conduct to the State Board of Nursing.
    Regulatory law
  3. Results from judicial decisions made in courts when individual legal cases are decided. Examples of this law include informed consent and the
    client’s right to refuse treatment. The most common instances of this
    law that the nurse will encounter involve negligence and malpractice
    Common law
  4. Prevents harm to society and provides punishment for crimes
    Criminal law
  5. Protects the rights of individual persons within our society and encourages fair and equitable treatment among people. Usually, violations of this law
    cause harm to an individual or property. The damages for this law law involved the payment of money, unlike criminal laws which can result in
    Civil law
  6. law is created by elected legislatures, such as the state legislature that defines the Nurse Practice Act (NPA).
    Statutory law
  7. Alerts a client to a condition that is not yet evident but that is certain to develop in the future. Knowing you could develop a
    debilitating disease has benefits and detriments
    Genetic Screening
  8. are statutes created and enacted by the legislature of each state to ensure public safety
    Nurse practice acts
  9. Failure to obtain consent in situations other than emergencies will possible result in a claim of ?
  10. requires health care institutions to provide written information to clients concerning the clients’ rights under state law to make decisions, including the right to refuse treatment and formulate advance
    Patient self determination act
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Ch 23 part 2
Ch 23 part 2