US Citizenship test

  1. What are the first three words of the constitution?
    We the people
  2. What are two rights of the declaratin of the constitution?
    • Life
    • Liberty
    • pursuit of happiness
  3. What are the two parts of the US congress?
    The senate and the house of reprasentitives
  4. What is one of the US Senators
    • Kirsten Gillbrad
    • Charles Schumer
  5. Name your Us representative
    Steve Isreal
  6. Name two cabinet-level positions?
    • Secratery of State
    • Vice President
  7. What is the highest court of the united states
    The supreme court
  8. Who is the governor of your state now
    David A paterson
  9. Who is the Father of our Country
    George Washington
  10. What is the name of the national nathem
    The star-spangled banner
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