4th Grade Math- Lines, rays, and angles terms

  1. What is a point?
    An exact location in space
  2. What is a line?
    A straight path of points that continues in both directions
  3. What is a line segment?
    A part of a line that has two endpoints
  4. What is a ray?
    A part of a line with one endpoint and continues without end in one direction
  5. What is a plane?
    A flat surface of points that continues without end in all directions. It is named by at least three points
  6. Lines that cross each other and form four angles are called what?
    Intersecting Lines
  7. Lines in the same plane that never intersect are called what?
    Parallel lines
  8. Lines that intersect to form four right angles are called what?
    Perpendicular Lines
  9. This angle measures 90 degrees and forms a square corner
    Right Angle
  10. This angles measures less than 90 degrees
    Acute Angle
  11. This angle measures greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees
    Obtuse Angle
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4th Grade Math- Lines, rays, and angles terms
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