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  1. aagaad\ naawV maa jaak\ bprateed^ jiin
    climate cold come from country China
  2. taay\ ruub^ gab\ kray?
    take pic with who?
  3. dtoo_n bpii may\ tii^ SingV ga bpoo
    at New Years in Singapore
  4. dtoo_n tii^ luuk^ pomV yuu\ tii^ Sin raw taay\ ruub^ gan
    at the time son is in Sin take picture together
  5. weelaa
  6. tammay luuk^ chaay dtia^ gwaa\?
    why son shorter ?
  7. dtia^
    short height
  8. san^
    short length
  9. pro_/ panrayaa dtia^ gwaa\ pomV
    bc wife shorter than me
  10. luuk^chaay daay^ jaak\ poo_^ gab\ maa_^
    get from dad and mom
  11. maa jaak\ jang wad\ aray?
    comes from what province?
  12. tii^ lee_y naawV maak^
    in Loie it is cold
  13. bpay lee_y ru_/ yang?
    have you been to Loie?
  14. bpay laa_w/ 1 krang/
    went one time
  15. bpii la 1 krang/
    go one time per year
  16. bok\ ga dti\ dtoo_n songV graan
    ususally at Songkran
  17. pe_ng^
  18. kaw/ rian aray?
    what does she study?
  19. kaw/ rian mahaaV wid/ tayaalay aray?
    what University did she study at?
  20. ruu/ jak\ pomV 5 bpii laa_w/
    she knows me 5 years already
  21. goo_n\ rian mahaaV wid/ tayaalay kaw tam aray?
    what did she do before she studied?
  22. raan/ chaw^ VDO chuu_^ Tsutaya
    shop rent (rental shop) named´┐Ż
  23. bpay goo dang Tsutaya tammay?
    why go to Tsutaya warehouse?
  24. jee_ ngaan liang/ pua_n^ pomV
    meet at friends party
  25. raw kuy gan
    we talk with each other
  26. may^ yaak\ hay^ pomV kaw^ jay paasaaV tay
    not want that I understand Thai
  27. tammay kaw may^ yaak\ hay^ khun jay paasaaV tay?
    why does she not want you to understand Thai
  28. may^ yaak\ hay^ pomV kaw^ jay weelaa kaw/ kuy gab\ pua_n^ kaw/ dtoo_n pomV bpay Isan
    doesn't want that I understand when she talks with her friends when I go to Isan
  29. pomV yaak\ kuy gab\ poo_^ maa_^ kaw/
    I want to talk with her father and mother
  30. bpii nayV?
    which year?
  31. ruu/ su_k\ may^ dii
    feel bad
  32. jon maak^
    very poor
  33. poo_^ bpen chaaw naa noo_nV mayV
    father is silkworm farmer
  34. tammay khun may^ saang^ baan^ hay^ kaw/?
    why don't you build a home for them?
  35. iik\ may^ naan
  36. laayV
  37. suan\ yay\
  38. nua_/ wua
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