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  1. khun ja dta_ng\ ngaan gab\ kaw may/ krup/?
    are you going to marry her?
  2. sanV yaa duu laa_
    promise to take care
  3. pomV sanV yaa gab\ kaw waa^ pomV ja duu laa_ kaw/ dtaloo_d\ chii wid/
    I promise with her that I will take care of her for life
  4. kaw/ yaak\ mii luuk^ may/ ka/?
    does she want to have baby?
  5. yang
    Not yet
  6. may^ laa_w/
    not any more
  7. song\ luuk^
    send baby
  8. yaak\ mii luuk^ soo_ngV kon
    want to have 2 babies
  9. mii luuk^ hay^ kaw/ daay^
    can have baby with her
  10. luuk^ 4 kon
    four children
  11. pii^ chaay 1 kon pii^ saawV 2 kon
    one older brother
  12. pii^ saawV iik\ kon
    other old sis
  13. pii^ saawV kon dtoo
    oldest sister
  14. kid/ waa^ panrayaa ja ok
    I think wife is ok
  15. jambpen
  16. bua_\
  17. email maa haaV pomV boo_k\ pomV waa^
    email me to tell me that´┐Ż
  18. raw ja kuy gan daay^
    we will be able to talk with each other
  19. ree_m^ ngaan
    to start job
  20. naay koo_ngV kaw/
    her boss
  21. tammay may^ hay^ kaw/ rian bpa rin yaa too?
    why not let her learn degree Masters ?
  22. may^ kee_y kid/ rua_ng^ nii/
    I never think about that
  23. taa^ mii aray gee_d\ ku_n^ gab\ pomV
    if something happens to me
  24. say\ nge_n nay tanaakaan
    put money in bank
  25. jay dii
  26. kaw/ ruu/ laa_w/
    she knows already
  27. ruu/ waa^
    know that
  28. soo_ngV saamV wan goo_n\
    few days ago
  29. bploo_d\ pay
    to be safe
  30. song\ nge_n bpay chuay^
    send money to help
  31. may^ dto_ng^ gaan nge_n
    does not need
  32. yaak^ jon
  33. sawV aatid/ nii/
    this weekend
  34. sataaV nii dtam ruad\
    police station
  35. kab\ rod/
    drive car
  36. chon pomV
    hit me
  37. kon kab\
  38. kaw/ niiV
    he ran
  39. pomV too haaV dtam ruad\
    call police
  40. bpen aajaan paasaaV anggrid\
    she is english teacher
  41. pomV dto_ng^ kuy gab\ panrayaa kaw/
    I must talk with her
  42. kraaw tii^ laa_w/
  43. kun boo_k\ waa^
    you tell me that
  44. dtaa_\ langV jaak\ nan/
    but after that
  45. naam/ tuam^
  46. mii kam taamV
    have a question
  47. nuuV
    you for child
  48. lung
    older uncle
  49. lung hay^
    I give you
  50. chuay^ lung no_y\
    help me a bit.
  51. nii^ krab/ kun maa_^ pomV suu_/ hay^ kun maa_^ krab/
    I give you this thing
  52. maak^ bpay
    too much
  53. kaa_^ gaa_w^ diaw
    only one glass
  54. pomV boo_k\ kun goo_n\ laa_w/
    I tell you aleady
  55. sua_^ paa^
  56. geb\
  57. pomV aad\ ja bpen farang\ chook^ may^ dii
    I may be bad luck foreigner
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