vocabulary 154-162

  1. abrupt
    sudden or breaking off
  2. corrupt
    "broken to pieces", from good to bad
  3. disrupt
    cause disorder
  4. erupt
  5. incorruptable
    inflexibly honest
  6. interrupt
    stop, break in between
  7. rupture
    break, hostility
  8. bactericide
    kills bacteria
  9. biocide
    destroys many different organisms
  10. fratricide
    killing your brother
  11. fungicide
    killing/inhibiting growth of fungus
  12. genocide
    extermination of an entire racial group
  13. germicide
    kills germs
  14. herbicide
    kills plants
  15. homicide
    human killing human
  16. infanticide
    killing an infant
  17. insectiside
    killing insects
  18. matricide
    killing a mother
  19. patricide
    killing father
  20. pesticide
    killing 'pests'
  21. regicide
    killing a king
  22. sororicide
    killing a sister
  23. suicide
    killing yourself
  24. tyrannicide
    killing a tyrant
  25. astringent
    stern, checks bleeding
  26. boa constrictor
    "constricts" prey
  27. constrict
    shrink, bring together
  28. restrict
    confine, keep in limits
  29. stricture
    restriction, censorship
  30. stringent
    strict, "binding tight", severe
  31. unrestricted
    free, open to all
  32. carnivore
  33. devour
    eat greedily
  34. frugivorous
    feeding on fruit
  35. herbivore
  36. insectivorous
  37. omnivore
    eating flesh and plants
  38. voracious
    greedy in eating, insatiable
  39. convivial
    sociable, hospitable
  40. revive
    bring back to life
  41. survive
    remain alive
  42. vivacious
  43. vivacity
    liveliness of spirit
  44. vivid
    graphic, lifelike
  45. vivify
    make vivid
  46. vivisection
    operation on a living thing
  47. contortionist
    person that can twist their body
  48. distort
    twist out of shape, misrepresent
  49. extort
    "twist out" something from a person
  50. retort
    "twist back" quick reply
  51. torsion
    twisting, stress on body due to twisting
  52. tortuous
    tricky, twisty, curvy
  53. torture
    inflict severe pain on
  54. convict
    prove guilty
  55. conviction
    strong belief, being judged guilty
  56. convince
    persuade with proof
  57. evict
    remove by law
  58. evince
    reveal, show clearly
  59. invincible
    immune to conquer
  60. vanquish
    conquer, defeat
  61. victor
  62. fraction
  63. fractious
  64. fracture
    break a bone
  65. fragile
    easily broken
  66. fragment
    a broken off part
  67. infraction
    breaking, violation (of law)
  68. refract
    "break back" from a straight path, like light
  69. refractory
    hard to manage, resisting
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