Science Vocab Cards

  1. Continental Drift
    A hypothesis that proposed that the continents were once joined to form one single supercontinent.
  2. Convection currents
    The flow of material in the mantle due Earth’s unequal heating and causes the tectonic plates to move
  3. Core
    the innermost layer of Earth, located beneath the mantle; inner and outer core are the warmest and most dense layers
  4. Crust
    the thin, rocky outer layer of Earth; continental and oceanic
  5. Density
    a measurement of mass per unit volume of a substance
  6. Deposition
    the process by which sediment is dropped after being eroded from rock and carried by wind or water
  7. Earthquake
  8. the vibration of Earth produces by the rapid release of energy after earth’s plates shift
  9. Epicenter
    the location on Earth’s surface directly above to origin of an earthquake
  10. Erosion
    the process that uses wind and water to break down rocks and carry the pieces to another place
  11. Geology
    the scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of earth
  12. Hot Spot
    a pocket of magma rises to Earth’s surface; produces Hawaiian Islands
  13. Igneous Rock
    a rock formed by the crystallization of molten material
  14. Lava
    magma that reaches Earth's surface
  15. Magma
    A body of molten rock found at a depth, including any dissolved gases and crystals
  16. Mantle
    The layer of Earth located in between the crust and core; where convection currentrs of molten rock occur
  17. Metamorphic Rock
    rock formed by changing preexisting through intense heat and pressure (still solid)
  18. Mineral
    A naturally occuring, inorganic crystalline material with a unique chemical composition
  19. Plate Tectonics
    the theory that prposes that Earth's outer shell consists of sections, called plates, which move producing earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, ect.
  20. pH
    a mesurement of how acidic or basic a substance is
  21. Remote sensing
    the mesurement and collection of information taken from an instrument that is not in contact with the object
  22. Rock
    a consolidated mixture of minerals
  23. Sediment
    loose particals created by the weathering and erosion of rock
  24. Sedimentary Rock
    rock formed from weathered sediments that have been deposited, compacted, and cemented together
  25. Seismograph
    an instrument that records earthquake waves
  26. Soil Horizon
    a unique layer of soil that has specific characteristics: horizons change as you move deeper
  27. Tsunami
    a seismic sea wave
  28. Volcano
    a mountain formed of lava and volcanic material
  29. Weathering
    the disintegration and decomosition of rock at or near Earth's surface
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