New IR and the Sea 3/31/11

  1. When was the WW I Battle of Jutland
  2. WW I Battle of Jutland
    • draw tacticly
    • stratigically brittian wins
  3. When does the army and navy first try to coordinate
  4. How do the german's want to end the war
    • let's just go off on this big death ride
    • won't win, but glorious
    • sailors go on strike
  5. How is the Russian goverment transforming - 1917
    • unrest because of communists
    • lenin tak over governemnt
    • tkae Russia out of the war
  6. How do the Germans and Brittians blockade each other
    • German subs in a circle
    • brittish bockade and orther baraige - North Sea mines
  7. How does Amerca feel about the blockade and mine barage
    • protest
    • want free trade
    • say they are neutral ship and this inhibits trade
  8. Submarine war
    • crude
    • don't like torpbedo - prefer to surface and use guns
    • taking a toll on the UK
  9. When was the sinking of Lusitania
    may 1915
  10. Sinking of the Lusitania
    • carrying war supplies
    • if going to torpedo have to stop ship and let crew on life raft
    • then radio ships position so someone can pick up the passengers
  11. When does germany declare unrestricted submarine war
    feb 1917
  12. germany declares unrestricted submarine war
    • estimates UK must surrendby by Sept or run out of food
    • Brittan had North sea mine barrage
    • president wilson consideres the declaration a 'casus belli' and declares war on April 1
    • "a war against all mankind"
  13. what does the US military do for WW I
    • takes us a year to get over there
    • American unit - keep american forces together
  14. How does the US get some many troops over so fast
  15. US n war: convoys
    • ship sinkings go down dramaticly
    • got a lot of troops over
    • we can and did send more than twice as many people as Germans
  16. When was the Washington Naval Arms Conference
  17. Washington naval Arms Confrence
    • limit war by limiting arms
    • 4 power, 5 power, 9 power arms - lots of treaties to undo 1 treaty
    • Battleship ration - 5 UK, 5 US, 3 Japan
    • Submarines excluded
    • lasts for 10 years
  18. Naval Technology in Inter-war years
    • marines study Galipoli and say it could have been done right
    • perfect idea of amphibious assult
    • avaiation - some aircraftt carriers inWW I, very heavy and planes weren't all that good
    • submarine capabilites
    • radar and sonar
  19. submarine capabilities
    • except Japanesse
    • still beig battlehsip - only last 1/4 of people goes to subs
    • Russians have lots of subs, but can't go far out
  20. WW II was mostly fought on
  21. How did Germany take on England?
    Bombing, but then needed to split between bombing and RAF
  22. Where did Germans go after the battle of brittian
  23. What was Roosevelt trying to do
    • Get US into the war against Germany
    • June 1940 - occupy Iceland - Germans can ivade by air
  24. What did Hitler think of the US
    • didn't want them to get into the war
    • said don't attack
  25. US leave fleet in Hawaii
    • Japan says provication
    • keep American fleet across Pacific
    • sink battleships so they can come across
    • productive power of US better - need to know out right away
  26. When was Pearl Harbor
    December 1941
  27. Pearl harbor
    • larely unprepaired
    • success beyond wildest expectations
    • turned US into modern aircraft carrier navy in 1 night
    • Japan cocky
    • leads to war across entire Pacific
  28. Where did Macarthur go
  29. How many wars did US fight at once in WW II
  30. Big Naval Wars
    • last till aug '45
    • decded at battle of midway
  31. The Aircraft Carriers
    • Dive bomb midway - come in unopposed
    • hit carriers - all 4 sunk
  32. What was the difference in American production before and after the war
    • 1942 = 1 ship that can launch and recover airplanes
    • end of war = 125
  33. When was the battle of Leyte Gulf
  34. BAttle of Leyte Gulf
    • move up Phillipines
    • to Japanesse Islands
    • can now bomb
  35. Amphibious Assult
    • stepping sontes
    • Leyte gulf until Japan
  36. Submarines
    • sink Japanese merchant ships
    • desperate for oil
  37. Battle of the Atlantic
    • Germans sink just off coast
    • begin to win back with anti-sub tech
  38. When was D-DAy
  39. D-Day
    • huge technical endevor
    • keep brittish in war with supplies
  40. When was the Zenith of Naval Power
    US in WW II
  41. maritime Power in the cold war and Beyond
    no one paying attention to asia so N Korea invades S korea
  42. When does north korea invade south korea
    june 1950
  43. Technology in the XX century
    • aircraft carriers
    • nuclear propulsion
    • submerged missle launch
    • satellite communcationa nd locator
  44. Korean War - Inchon Landing
    • cut supplies off
    • colapse and retreat
    • amphibious landing and it worked
  45. Nuclear populsion
    submarines underwater silently and for long periods of time reduces dependence on oil
  46. balistic missile submarines
    launch missiles from undetectable submarines
  47. When was the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Oct 1962
  48. cuban missile crisis
    • blocading cuba
    • take away soviets or we will do something bad
  49. Soviets Navy's access to oceans
    • odessa is great port, but have to go to Turkey
    • Lenningrad have to go through Denmark
    • Only place to get to sea is north cape of norway - have to go through iceland - knew which # of sub
  50. Rise of Soviet Navy
    • Admiral Sergei Gorshkov - based on poltics
    • want support - give me a navy
  51. new Naval Calculus
    the battle of the fleet agaisnt the shore
  52. US Navy in the Vietnam war
    brown water war
  53. When was the Gulf of Sidra Incident
    may 1981
  54. When was the flaklands war
  55. The flaklands war
    • argintians vs. brits - who occupies islands
    • general belgrano - brits have subs and sink
    • airforce gets HMS sheield
  56. long range naval power
    • hold off airforce
    • comendere cruiseship to carry army
  57. Tomahawk Missle (Iraq, Afghanistan, libya)
    • unchallend US navy
    • chinese now building a navy
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New IR and the Sea 3/31/11
New IR and the Sea 3/31/11