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  1. Ghananian word meaning "weaning"
  2. kind of malnutrition; symptoms: thick layer of subcutaneous fat, distended belly, psychomoter changes, difficulty holding up head, edema, thinness of upper arms.
  3. kind of malnutrition; symptoms: growth retardation, wasting muscles, diarrhea, anemia, mental retardation, death
  4. general catagories of pathogens that may effect growth and devolpoment (4)
    • viruses
    • fungi
    • bacteria
    • parasites
  5. the role of environmental influence on growth was tested by observing...
    monozygotic twins reared together and apart.
  6. The tendency over the last hundered years or so to mature earlier and become on average, larger.
    secular trend
  7. today, a leveling off of of secular trend is occuring among..
    the higher socioeconomic urban population.
  8. the uninterupted process of normal development that leads to a progressive decline in physiological function and death...
  9. Russians from the Caucasus Mountains, Hunzas from the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan, and Ecuadorians live longer than other population.
    True or False
  10. how long a person on average is expected to live
    life expactancy
  11. theoretical maximum age determined by genetic predestiny;
    life span
  12. oldest human on record;
    • Jeanne Calmut
    • 122 years and 164 days
    • (died 1997)
  13. genes that determine the appearence and disappearence of biochemical products that control the aging process
    regulatory genes
  14. as mutations accumulate in the...the body might age
  15. by what age have most growth plates closed?
    What happens then?
    • early 20s
    • degenerative changes: skull suture clusure and obliteration, loss of teeth, degeneration of bone
  16. The area of the pelvis at which the two innominates join
    pubic symphysis
  17. the surface of the pubis where one pubis joins with the other at the pubic symphysis.
    • symphyseal face
    • used to estimate age of death
  18. adaptations of the pelvis for child bearing: (4)
    • U-shaped and broader subpubic angle
    • smaller acetabulum
    • larger, wider, shallower sciatic notch
    • circular or elipical pelvic inlet
  19. male skeletal sexual dimorphsim (2)
    • rougher muscle attachments
    • larger size
  20. male sexual dimorphism of skull (3)
    • squarer orbits
    • less rounded forhead
    • prominant temporal line
  21. female skull (4)
    • smaller nucal crest
    • smaller mastoid process
    • smaller coronoid process
    • narrow ascending ramus
  22. Application of the techniques of osteology and skeletal identification to legal problems
    forensic anthropology
  23. no human varies from another by more than...
    one tenth of one percent
  24. race is a...concept, not a biological one
  25. from the French/Spanish border moving north east across Europe into Asiathe proportion of blood type...
    ...B increases.
  26. a systematic gradation of a trait over space
    clinal distribution
  27. two possible determinants of a clinal distribution
    • gradual change in selective pressure
    • outward spread from a point of origin by gene flow
  28. Distribution of alleles, allele combinations, or any traits characterized by little of no gradation in frequencies between adjecent regions
    discontinuous variation
  29. there are both... and ... distributions of blood type... across Europe
    • clinal
    • non-clinal
    • antigens
  30. Blood type A; high frequency populations?
    Blood type B?
    Type O?
    • Scandinavia; Inuit
    • Asia, India, west Africa
    • North and South America
  31. Smallpox is less severe with what two blood types?
    Smallpox mortality is higher with what two blood types?
    • O and B
    • A and AB
  32. India had had a lot of smallpox, therefore it makes sense that the doninant blood type there is...
    • B
    • natural selection would eliminate the less resistant A and AB type individuals
  33. The frequnency of red hair in the United Kingdom is an example of what kind of variation?
    discontinuous variation
  34. In only what populations is the Diego blood antigen found?
    What does this imply?
    • eastern Asian populations
    • New world aboriginies
    • Beringia hypothesis
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