New IR and the Sea 3/29/11

  1. Suppression of Piracy and Slave trad
    • Americans on the Barbary coast - 1800's
    • Treaty of Ghent (ending war of 1812) - 1814
    • Paris declaration Respecting Martime law - 1856
  2. USS Philidelphia
    • captured
    • we burn the ship so they don't get it
    • we clean out the pirates
  3. The slave trade
    • pack them in if enough make it across then worth it
    • Naval construction - only short range ships
  4. why did the US only have short range ships
    • because South want slaves
    • later blockade the south in the civil war
  5. When was the paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law
  6. Paris Declaration Respecting maritime law
    • priveteering is and remains abolished
    • the nutral flags covers enemy's goods with the exception of contraband of war
    • neutral goods with the exception of contraband of war are no
  7. What shapes naval powers
  8. Naval power shapes politics
    • sail to steam
    • iron to steel hulls
    • ordnance and armor
    • electricity
  9. When was the US Civil War
  10. US Civil war
    • blockaed keeps war domestic
    • confederate navy ends US marchant marine
    • river or 'brown water' warfare emerges
    • technology in play
  11. Why did we want ot keep the US civil war domestic
    • keep brits and everyone out
    • South want support and recognition internationaly
  12. How does the confederate Navy end US Merchant marine
    • drives merchants to flags of convience
    • took us out of whaling
  13. What is the good of 'brown water' warfare
    source of supply
  14. Examples of technology in play during the civil war
    • areial observation
    • telegraph
  15. Union blockade
    • very effective
    • south have to import, but can't
    • freed slaves pilot ships
  16. CSS Alabama
    • built at neutral port
    • sinks, but no captives
    • big show
    • don't offend England or France
  17. Emanicipation proclomation
    • makes it about slavery
    • England can't join because they are against slavery
  18. Moniter and Merrimac
    • 1st battle between iron clad ships of war
    • usually consered a draw
    • dented each other up
    • both leave
    • merrimac withdraw and Moniter did protect ships
    • also 1st between steam powered ships
  19. Who was the apostle of seapower
    Alfred T. Mahan
  20. Mahan's influence
    • The Influence of Seapower Upon History : 1660-1783
    • 15 more books, 139 articles
    • apologic for royal navy size
    • germany, japanesse, russian navies all adherents
    • Battleships are best measure of national greatness
  21. what happene din 1904
    Japanesse surprise attack on russian battleships
  22. When was the Russo-Japanese War?
  23. Russo-Japanese War
    • Russians are clobbered
    • not a well run opperation
    • Teddy Roosevelt make peace treaty- equal resolution even though Japanese winning
  24. When was the US Great White Fleet
  25. When was the HMS Dreadnough made
  26. HMS Dreadnought
    • technologically advanced
    • no one has this technology - way ahead like we are today
  27. Anglo-German Battleship Race
    • heats up atmospher
    • war seems likely
  28. Consequence of Naval Race
    • Antagonism between Germany and Britain
    • UK brings fleet home
    • coming war expected to be naval
  29. what reatries had to do with the Anglo-german battleship race
    • anglo-Japanesse Treate of 1902
    • hay-Pauncefote Treate of 1904
    • Anglo-French entent in Mediterranean
  30. When was Goeben and Breslau
    August 1914
  31. Goebena nd Breslau
    • wants to send to mediteranian
    • chased around by english
    • can't communicate
    • 1 battlesip puts turkish on german side - splits up allies
  32. When was Gallipoli Campaign
  33. Gallipoli Campaign
    • go through Turkey and open up strights
    • nice idea, bu doens't work
    • Brits forced to withdraw
    • sitting ducks
  34. When was the WW I Battle of Jutland
  35. WW I Battle of Jutland
    • first use of radios
    • ships stumble into each other
    • German do not go back to sea again
    • Brittian just told not to loose
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New IR and the Sea 3/29/11
New IR and the Sea 3/29/11