New IR and the Sea 3/24/11

  1. Why does the world have a European Caste?
    got around at the point of a bayonette
  2. synopsis
    • nautical technological advances spread rapidly
    • the more powerful the state, the great ability to amass naval power
    • no other part of the world developed equivalent naval forces
  3. What do you need to be a naval power
    • have to beterritorial
    • need money
  4. naval Forces in politics
    • naval leaders rarely facator in domestic affairs
    • land rivalries drive naval power considerations
    • Guerre d'escdre vs. guerre de course
  5. Who was the 1st president to serve in navy
  6. What makes the constitution definition of the navy different than army
    • just sais raise navy
    • so long term
  7. guerre d'escadre
    navy vs. navy
  8. guerre de course
    • attack commerce
    • French favor
  9. What was Hitler convince to build
    battle ships
  10. Professionalism in the royal Navy
    • Dutch raid on Medway 1667
    • Samuel Pepys
    • had to have proffessional navy
    • upward trend
  11. who was samuel pepys
    sort out and run the navy
  12. When was the battle of beachy head
  13. Battle of Beachy Head
    • French crush Brittish
    • became a way for people without aristocratic blood to get high up
    • French and Spanish never caught on
    • Proffessional officers trained at sea
    • Brittian became very good
  14. Brttina Establishes 'senior service'
    Bank of England Chartered
  15. when was the bank of england chartered
  16. why was the bank of england chartered
    • For the navy
    • financial affairs on regular footing
    • pound becomes great currancy
  17. Royal Navy Dockyards - Bermuda
    • built all around the world
    • systematic way
    • instructions and expect people to follow them
  18. What was the extent of professionalism in the navy?
    execution of admiral byng
  19. when was admiral byng executed
  20. Why was Admiral Byng executed
    • for not doing his utmost
    • had it's impact - they do very well
  21. French and Indian war
    • fighting around world
    • wood and beaver pelts
  22. When was the battle quiberon bay
  23. Battle of quiberon bay
    • france looses north america
    • french fleet can't go to sea
  24. When was the battle of Cesme
  25. BAttle of Cesme
    • Russian fireships destroy Turkish fleet
    • keeps turks out of the black sea
  26. When was the battle of Chesapeake
  27. Battle of Chesapeak
    Brittian loose american colonies
  28. When were the wars of Revolution and empire
  29. The wars of the revolution and empire
    • aristocrats removed from French Navy
    • both sides have shortage of skilled seamen
    • RN victories only bright spot for allies
    • "British Army, a projectile fired by the Royal Navy" - only way to stop napolean
  30. When was the battle of the Nile
  31. Battle of the Nile
    • anchor ships in shallow waterr - everyone maning guns
    • Brittish came down on both sides
    • Brits win
  32. When was the battle of Copenhage
  33. When was Trafalgar
  34. Trafalgar
    • try to invade England
    • in range for 40 min - engage in ship on ship fight
    • defeat
    • cannot invade England
    • Nelson die - great naval hero
  35. when was the battle of copenhagen
  36. battle of copenhagen
    • give us your ships
    • england fire on town
    • they give up
  37. when was the impressment of American seamen
  38. impressment of American seamen
    • leading to war
    • 1812 agree to peace terms - Brittish government says no
    • we declare war
    • shut down coast
  39. Whenw as the battle of lake erie
  40. Whenw as the battle of lake champlain
  41. battle of lake champlain
    don't sink all American ships
  42. USF Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere
    • stay int he war
    • Brittian can't go inland
  43. End of Napoleonic wars
    • Britannia rules the waves
    • France never again a sea power
    • America turns inland
    • Ottoman Empire now on land only
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New IR and the Sea 3/24/11
New IR and the Sea 3/24/11