Medical Terms 21-37

  1. Glomerular filtration rate
  2. - describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney.
  3. Human Chorionic gonadotropin
    - is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo after conception and later by part of the placenta.
  4. Hematocrit
    is the proportion, by volume, of the blood that consists of red blood cells.
  5. Hepatosplenomegaly
    : enlargement of both the liver and spleen
  6. Intercostals space:
    is the space between two ribs
  7. Intrathecal-
    refers to something that happens inside the spinal canal
  8. Intravenous cholangiogram
    a radiologic (x-ray) procedure that is used primarily to look at the larger bile ducts within the liver and the bile ducts outside the liver.
  9. Lactate dehydrogenase
    An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of lactate to pyruvate. Some of the organs relatively rich in LDH are the heart, kidney, liver, and muscle.
  10. Lupus erthematosus
    a chronic inflammatory collagen disease affecting connective tissue (skin or joints
  11. Mean Cell volume
    is a measure of the average red blood cell volume (i.e. size) that is reported as part of a standard complete blood count
  12. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-
    Medicines that relieve pain and reduce inflammation when used over a period of time
  13. Oral cholecystogram-
    The procedure is designed to test the function of the gallbladder and to detect gallstones
  14. Premature atrial contraction
    a type of premature heart beat, irregular heart beat, or benign arrhythmia which starts in the upper two chambers of the heart called the atria.
  15. Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
    - is a condition in which the upper chambers of the heart, the atria, begin to beat irregularly, sometimes producing heartbeats as fast as 200-220 beats per minute (bpm).
  16. Patent ductus arteriosus
    is a condition in which a blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus fails to close normally in an infant soon after birth.
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