New IR and the Sea 3/22/11

  1. What is the difference in land vs. sea and the number number enemies taken on
    Almost no state delt with more than 1 state at a time unless they were a maritime state
  2. Requirements for maritime power
    • Stable government
    • economic capability
    • maritime culture
    • shipbuilding resources
  3. Why are their more requirements for a maritime power than a land power?
    • easy to train army - give wepon show how to use it
    • train sailors takes years
  4. What is maritime culture necessary for maritime power?
    • can tell army to start marching now and they can
    • ships don't just move
  5. What are shipbuilding resources
    • wood, cauking material, sail cloth, rope
    • very advanced technology
    • protect from animals
    • alternating dry and wet environment
  6. Wood as a shipbulding resource
    • best boats have 40 different kinds of wood
    • oak is best, but tough - have to tie down so it grows bent
  7. Rope as a shipbuilding resource
    need a plant that is 600 ft long
  8. What and why was the first naval battle fought
    • Queen Hapshetsut was going after shipbuilding resources
    • 1500 BCE
  9. Assyrian bireme
    • 700 BC
    • try to poke a hole in other ship
    • also make ship go faster - but not know till recently
  10. When was the battle of Salamis
    480 BC
  11. What was the BAttle of Salamis
    • ships supporting armies
    • greek back into corner - one for one greece will win
    • Athen's first real attempt at a sea power
  12. Who was the first sea power?
  13. Why was Athens the first sea power?
    • open, relatively democratic state
    • money and trade economy
    • advantageous position
    • Shipbuilding was a civic duty
  14. What was Athen's advantagageous position?
    • access to sea
    • not exposed
  15. what does it mean that in athens shipbuilding was a civic duty?
    • build a ship for the city
    • instead of donating
  16. Athens Thalassocracy
    • Mediterrian was a good place to learn
    • good at playing chicken
    • becoming more powerful because of Navy
  17. Why was the Mediterrian a good place to learn for Athens?
    • predictable
    • see land
    • understand the currents
  18. How was Athens becoming more powerful because of it's navy
    • sparta was good
    • Athen's ignored them and built up Navy
  19. What leauge does Athen's form
    Delian League
  20. How did Athen's protect their power int eh peloponnesian War?
    built walls from Athens to Piraeus
  21. How was the Roman Empire "Mare Nostrum"
    • carthage allows naval forces to decline
    • fortune favors Rome in naval battles
  22. Roman 'corvus'
    • drop on other ships
    • then run across
  23. What was the name of the Roman invention to go between the boats
  24. Hannibal and land vs. sea
    • run up and down italy
    • has to go through land because Rome has navy
    • exshaust resources
  25. When was the battle of Actium
    31 BC
  26. Battle of Actium
    • goodbye Marc Antony and Cleopatra
    • crews sick
    • take off and now Ceasar in control
  27. What happens to the Roman empire?
    allows Naval empire to decline
  28. Greek Fire
    • burns
    • pump
    • seawater carries around
    • put out with wine
  29. Who dominates the sea in 350-450
  30. When does Byzantium dominate the sea
  31. When was the battle of Lepanto
  32. battle of the Lepanto
    • famous battle
    • muslims don't establish control of Mediteranean
  33. When was the battle of Svensksund
  34. Who participated int he battle of Svensksund
    Sweden and Russia
  35. Battle of Svensksund
    Peter the great builds navy
  36. Europes ocean going technologies
    • compass
    • astrolobe
    • block and tackle
    • hull designs
  37. compass and astrolobe
    • navigation - on ocean
    • usually stay within sight of land
  38. Blcok and Tckle/cannons
    • pulleys
    • rigging
    • carry lots of cannons
  39. when was the chinese junk made
  40. why did the chinese junk not cause more problems
    • calls fleet home
    • new ideas = bad
  41. The caravel
    • square rigged sails
    • shoot down into other ships
    • go across ocean reliably
  42. Navigation
    • Vasco de Gama
    • Magellan's Circumnavigation
  43. Navigation School at Sagres
    • State secrets
    • portugal
    • leaders in navigation
  44. When was Goa
  45. Goa
    • dockyard in India
    • explosion of Europe into rest of Europe
  46. The Great Harry - Pride of England
    • showing off
    • intensification of rivalries
  47. what rivalries were intensified by The Great Harry
    spain and england
  48. Armada
    • large spanish vs. small english ships
    • move faster and tactics
    • english fire
  49. what is the difference between pirates and privateers
    • letters of Marque and Reprisal
    • everything you get from other side you c keep money just get rid of them
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New IR and the Sea 3/22/11
New IR and the Sea 3/22/11