Alec's vocab 9

  1. auxiliary
    back- up when the power goes out the auxiliary generator turns on.
  2. candid
    unbiased the refs call was not candid because he had not made one fair call yet.
  3. cubicle
    small room The worst employee at work is assigned to the smallest cubicle
  4. drugery
    hard work slave workers on cocoa plantations have drugery
  5. envoy
    a representative to a government I was asked to become and envoy to the president when his messenger was fired.
  6. ecalate
    increase the intensity crashing to the net and attacking the goalie can escalate to a fight.
  7. expedient
    useful an expedient uses a rock when they do not have a hammer
  8. feign
    pretend many students feign being sick on the day of a major exam
  9. flair
    talent If you want to join the olympic curling team you do not need a flair
  10. grievious
    painful and serious when the teacher says that the information is important do not make grievous mistakes.
  11. heterogenous
    mixed Cranbrook's student body is heterogenous with much different religions.
  12. horde
    crowd on the day after thanksgiving a horde of shoppers will rush in at opening time
  13. impel
    to force if someone put a gun to your head it would impel you to give them what they want
  14. incredulous
    unbelievable when the witness has a record of lying they are very incredulous
  15. inscribe
    to write i have my name inscribed on the back of my calculator so no one can steal it
  16. monologue
    long speech in a play a character may have a monolgue describing their feelings to them self
  17. prognosis
    projection Doctors give a prognosis of your recovery after a long surgery
  18. rasping
    harsh sound When you have lung sickness you most likely will have a rasping cough
  19. repugnant
    offensive despite my repugnant thoughts of sidney crosby he is a very good hockey player
  20. scuttle
    abandon pirates would not scuttle a ship until looted for treasure.
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