SS Quarterly

  1. Federalist
    Supported the constitution
  2. Antifederalists
    Wanted the Bill of Right added
  3. Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president
  4. Lewis and Clark
    Explored Lousiana purchase and were sent by Thomas Jefferson
  5. James Monroe
    Didn't want to be involved in Latin America and created a foreign policy
  6. Robert Faulton
    created steam boats
  7. State Constitution
    Created before us constitution
  8. Problems of Articles of Confederation
    gave states too much power
  9. US Constitution
    The written set of laws of the USA
  10. Great Compromise
    Settled issues with representitives in congress
  11. 3/5 compromise
    Between north and South for population of slaves
  12. Marbury V. Madison
    Judical Review
  13. Delegates
    Chosen for a specific task
  14. Ratificaton
  15. Checks and Balance
    When the branches work together
  16. Veto
    When the president doesn't pass a bill
  17. Separation of Power
    Branches work seprately
  18. Foreign Affairs
    Deal with forgein countries and imports
  19. Textile
  20. Tariff
    tax that makes imported goods more expensive than goods produced within a country
  21. Admendment
  22. Levy
    put oppond
  23. The First admendment
    • Individual Rights
    • Freedom of Religion
    • Speech
    • Press
    • Assembly
    • Petition
  24. Judicial Review
    power of the supreme court to decide wether laws are constitutional
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