1. when was he christened?
    april 26 , 1564
  2. where was he born?
    in stanford-on-avon
  3. what were his parents backgrounds?
    his father, john was a merchant & formal local government official. & his mother, mary arden came from a prominent family
  4. how many years did he attend stanford?
  5. what was he educated in?
    latin, english,& the bible
  6. at age 18 who did he marry?
    anne hathaway
  7. how many children did he have?
  8. when did he move to london?
    between 1587-1588
  9. by what time was he writing and acting successfully?
  10. when and who did he first become famous as?
    the author of a poem called venus and adonis in 1593
  11. when was romeo and juliet written?
  12. when was hamlet?
  13. what did he write at queen elizabeths request? and when?
    the merry wives of windsor in 1600
  14. what do people think was his most productive period in time?
    the tragic period
  15. when did he decide to move back home?
  16. when did he die?
    april 23 ,1616
  17. what did the warning say where he was buried?
  18. Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbear
    • To dig the bones enclosed here!
    • Blest be the man that spares these stones,
    • And cursed be he that moves my bones.
  19. when was the first public theatre built? and by whom?
    1576 by james burbage
  20. how much was the admission to the theatre?
    a penny
  21. how many people could the theatre fit?
    up to 3000
  22. what was the performing stage called?
    the globe
  23. how was the globe destroyed and when?
    by fire and in 1613
  24. when was the globe rebuilt?
  25. what were his childrens names?
    susana & twins named hamnet & judith
  26. which 1 of his children died & when?
    hamnet died when he was 11 years old
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