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  1. At about what age do human deciduous erupt?
    six months after birth
  2. When do human deciduous teeth begin to develop in a fetus?
    at five months
  3. At what age are all deciduous teeth fully erupted?
    about three years old
  4. At what age do deciduous teeth start to fall out to be relaced by permanent teeth?
    six or seven years old
  5. At what age do first permanent molars erupt?
    • five or six years
    • 12 years
    • variable; 18-80 or never
  6. An event in the life cycle that includes rapid increase in stature, development of sex organs, and the development of secondary sexual characteristics.
  7. A graph that shows the total height (or other measurement) of an individual on a series of dates.
    distance curve
  8. A rapid increase in stature and other dimantions of the body that occurs during puberty.
    adolescent growth spurt
  9. A curve that illustrates the velocity or rate of growth over time by plotting the degree of growth per unit of time.
    velocity curve
  10. Why do males grow larger than females?
    • long bones stop growing at puberty
    • male growth spurt come at a later age the f.
    • more time to grow
  11. signs of male puberty (4)
    • enlargment of testes
    • change in color and texture of scrotum
    • enlargement of penis
    • growth of pubic hair
  12. signs of female puberty (3)
    • breast bud
    • enlargemnt of areolar area
    • menarche
  13. Menarche marks the development of full reproductive functions. True or False?
    • False.
    • represents a mature stage of development of the uterus
  14. span of adverage menarche age?
    group with lowest adverage age?
    U.S. adverage age?
    group with highest adverage age?
    • 12.5-18.8
    • wealthy Chinese
    • 12.8
    • Bundi (New Guinea)
  15. male secondary sexual characteristics (2)
    • facial hair
    • growth of larynx
  16. Physical feature other than the genitalia that distinguishes males from females after puberty.
    secondary sexual characteristic
  17. The study of measurements of the human body.
  18. A measurement of the width of the sholders.
    bicromial width
  19. a measurement of the width of the hips
    bitrochanteric width
  20. The fat deposited under the skin
    subcutaneous fat
  21. Organs that produce hormones
    endocrine glands
  22. Complex moleculge produces by the endocrine glands that regulate many bodily functions and processes.
  23. A hormone produced by the pituitary gland; essential for normal growth.
    growth hormone
  24. A male sex hormone
  25. Hormone produced in the ovaries
  26. three things that control nature and rates of growth and delvelopment
    • endocrine glands
    • nutrition
    • heredity
  27. A class of malnutrition that includes kwashiorkor and marasmus
    protein-caloric malnutrition
  28. A form of protein-caloric malnutrition brought about by a protein-deficent diet that contains a reasonable supply of low-quality carbohydrates.
  29. A form of protein-caloric malnutrition caused by a diet deficent in both protein and carbohydrates.
  30. Retention of water in the tissues of the body
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