Chapter 8-Research Metods

  1. Counfounding Variable
    a variable that is not controlled in a research investigation
  2. Contrast Effect
    When the response to the second condition in the experiment is altered because the two conditions are contrasted to one another.
  3. Counterbalancing
    a method for controlling order effects in a repeated measures design by either including all orders of treatment presentation or randomly determining the order for each subject
  4. Fatigue Effect
    a deterioration in performance as the reasearch participant becomes bored tired or disoriented
  5. Independent Group Design
    an experiment in which different subjects are assigned to each group. AKA- between-subject design
  6. Internal Validity
    the certainty with which results of an experiment can be atributed to the manipulation of the IV rather than to some other variable.
  7. Latin Square
    technique to control for order effects with out having all possible orders.
  8. Matched Pair Design
    method of assigning subjects to groups in which pairs of subjects are first matched on some charachteristics and then individually assigned to groups.
  9. Mortality
    loss of subjects who decide to leave an experiment
  10. Order effect
    in a repeated measure design the effect that the order of introducing treatement has on the DV
  11. Posttest only design
    the expreimental design in which the DV (post test) is measured only once after the manipulation of the IV
  12. Practice Effect
    improvement in performance as a result of repeated performance on a task
  13. Pretest Posttest design random assignment
    true experimental design where teh DV is measured both before and after manipulation of the IV
  14. Repeated measures design
    an experiment in which the same subjects are assigned to each group AKA with in subjects design
  15. Selection differences
    differences in type of subjects who make up each group in an experimental desgn. This happens when participants elect which group theyh are to be assigned to.
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