syntax vocab

  1. A sentence in which the NP with the agent role is the subject
    Active Sentence
  2. The result of one category begin inflected to mark properties of another
  3. the element or elements for which a head is subcategorized and which provide information about entities and locations whose existence is implied by the meaning of the head
  4. one or more words that make up a syntactic unit
  5. the process whereby a syntactic structure is formed by syntactic operations such as merge and move
  6. in an experiment the behaviour or event that is measured in order to gauge the effect of an independent variable.
    Dependent variable
  7. in an experiment the behaviour or event that is measured in order to gauge the effect of an independent variable
    dependent variable
  8. a functional category that serves as a specifier of a noun ie the a, these
  9. words such as determiners and conjunctions that are lacking in the speech of Broca's aphasics, resulting in telegraphic speech
    function words
  10. a verb that dose not take a direct object
  11. the result of homophony or polysemy in that a single form has two or more meanings either related or not.
    lexical ambiguity
  12. the word level syntactic categories noun N verb V adjective A and preposition P
    lexical category
  13. an optical element that describes a property of a head
  14. a milestone in a child's development characterized by the ability to recognize that objects have an existence independent of one's interaction with them
    object permanence
  15. a noun phrase that combines with a preposition
    oblique NP
  16. a sentence in which the NP bearing the theme role is encoded as subject
    passive sentence
  17. a unit of syntactic structure consisting of an obligatory head and an optional specifier and or complements
  18. a CP that serves as modifier of a noun
    relative clause
  19. a word that helps to make more precise the meaning of the head of the phrase and that occurs immediately beneath the XP
  20. a property of phrases or sentences whose component words can be combined in more than one way
    structurally ambiguous
  21. language variation that corresponds with other factors
    structured variation
  22. the classification of words in terms of their complement options
  23. the NP occurring immediately under the IP
  24. the system of rules and categories that underlines sentence formation in human language
  25. the thematic role of the entity directly affected by the action designated by the verb
  26. a verb that takes a NP complement a direct object
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