Jim Crow Part II

  1. In what year was the Spanish American War ?
  2. Why did Black men fight in the Spanish-American War?(2 reasons)
    • 1.Chance to strike a blow against Jim Crow
    • 2. To break down that infernal race prejudice and to have a page in history acsribed to them
  3. By 1898 what did the Supreme Court allow and what was it about to approve?
    (2 reasons)
    • 1.Blacks would be constitutionally disfranchised and corruption and violence at the polls would stop.
    • 2.A constitutional convention was called to theoretically legally disfranchise all illiterate voters.
  4. What made Wilmington North Carolina racially moderate? (2 reasons)
    • 1. Economic Prosperity
    • 2. Strong black and middle white midddle class
  5. What were some of the vocations of Wilmington's Black middle class? (3 )
    Firemen, policemen , civil rights
  6. How were former slaves able to star a business?
    They were able to transfer the skills they learned in slavery.
  7. What were some of the mercantile vocations of the formers slaves? (3)
    blacksmith, carpenter,
  8. Who was alex Manley?
    Publisher of the only black newspaper in North Carolina.
  9. What was the Wilimington Daily Record?
    the only black owned newspaper in 1898.
  10. Who was Charlotte Hawkins Brown ?
    18 year old woman, who refused to accept that way of life, educator
  11. What was Brown's mission?
    to break down the walls of segregation
  12. Why did poor whites resent Wilmington's middle class Blacks ?(4)
    • 1. they didnt like that blacks were upwardly mobile
    • 2. ex slaves had different attitudes
    • 3. ex-slaves dressed better
    • 4. black people felt equal to whites economically
  13. What was meant by "NEGROIZATION'of Wilmington?(2)
    • 1.Poor whites as economically threatening
    • 2. Rich whites saw them as politically threatening
  14. In 1898 what was the objective of the Democratic Party?(2)
    • 1. To put an end to blacks being upwardly mobile.
    • 2. To have control of the city
  15. Discuss the Simmons, Cox, Daniels, political conspiracy
    Democratice party was used to end political power. Objective was to replace all black officers. They rented a hotel room and devised a plan to fabricate a situtaion that would separate middle class blacks. They said that white women were in danger of black men.
  16. How did Black womens' organizations respond to White economic intimidation?(2)
  17. How did Whites win the Election of 1898?
  18. How was White anger satisfied after the 1898 Election in Wilmington?
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