Ch 15 Exercise and Children and Youth

  1. Do children and youth experience the same health and fitness benefits as adults?
  2. Activity is normal and essential for ___ and ___.
    growth and development
  3. It is important to achieve fundamental motor skills such as ...
    running, throwing and catching
  4. 10 health Benefits from Chronic Exercise
    • 1. fun and enjoyment
    • 2. Improved self esteen and self worth
    • 3. Reduced risk factors for heart disease
    • 4. Reduced anxiety/stress
    • 5. enhanced bone formation
    • 6. weight management
    • 7. more social interaction
    • 8. greater endurance and strength
    • 9. improved aerobic endurance
    • 10. increased skill development
  5. Strong evidence of benefits of Chronic Physical Activity in children and youth. (>60% of studies support findings)
    • increase musculoskeletal health
    • increase cardiovascular health
    • decrease in adiposity profile (overweight youth)
    • decrease in BP in mildly hypertension youth
  6. Adequate evidence of benefits of Chronic Physical Activity in children and youth. (30-59% of studies support findings)
    • decrease in lipid and lipoprotein levels and adiposity in normal weight youth
    • decrease in BP in normal weight youth
    • self esteem
    • decrease in anxiety and depression
    • increase in academic performance
  7. Physical fitness Test

    1 mile run
  8. Physical fitness Test

    sit and reach test
  9. Physical fitness Test

    Strength and endurance
    curl ups, push ups
  10. Physical fitness Test

    Body Compostion
    BMI or skinfolds
  11. T/F Adult diseases are INCREASING being diagnosed in children.
  12. What are the 3 risk factors for heart disease that are appearing more frequently in young people.
    • 2. OBESITY
    • 3. TYPE 2 DIABETES
  13. 3 Major reasons for emphasizing an active lifestyle for children and youth.
    • 1. Enhance HEALTH and FITNESS
    • 2. Begin an active lifestlye that can be CONTINUED through LIFE.
    • 3. Reducing risk for health problems throughout life
  14. Recommendations for Children Age 5-12
    PRE pubescent and Pubescent
    • Avoid extended periods of inactivity
    • Emphasize fun and enjoyable environment
    • Get at least 1 hour of activity daily on most days of the week
    • include intermittent vigorous activity of at least 10 min
    • Include a variety of activities
  15. Resistance training guidelines
    • Have a parent complete a health history for the child
    • Have qualified personel supervise
    • Actual equipment for size
    • Include a warm up and flexibility exercises
    • Emphasize proper technique do 1or 2 sets (with 8-15 reps per set) of 8-10 different exercises
    • Do 2 or 3 nonconsecutive sessions per week
    • Encourage other acitvities

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