HIS 315L Exam 1, Topic 2

  1. Jane Adams
    Immigrant services--

    Established the first American settlement houseResource center for urban immigrants in Chicago

    Offered medical care, classes, lectures from politicians/philosophers
  2. Margaret Sanger
    Birth Control--

    Opposed Comstock law

    Thought it was insane that women were told to “sleep on the roof” instead of being allowed to take contraceptive b/c if they were to give birth again they might die.
  3. Clelia Mosher
    a physician with research study about sexual lives of women“Mosher Survey”

    found that women’s sexual lives were as complicated and fulfilling as expected.Many women disregarded the Comstock law

    She was a crusader against Victorian stereotypes
  4. Carry Nation

    Wanted to eliminate saloons and keep men out of trouble

    She would go into saloons with an ax and smash things.

    She was arrested many times, beaten by police but was a hero in the temperance movement
  5. Victoria Woodhull
    founded the 1st brokerage house

    believed in monogamy but not marriage, she believed that marriage was a form of oppression on women –(like a prison)
  6. Suburbs
    Consistent and Agree--

    cities threatened good characterget out of the city because it’s not for good people and the suburbs are a good moral environment

    the city was for work and homes are for family

    get pure by moving to the suburbs

    houses were divided and allowed more privacy
  7. Middle Class Values
    Intellectual workers – they had degrees, certifications, and licenses

    Valued good personal character and self control, self control gave you the opportunity to shape your own destiny.

    Individualism: the belief that a good society must be based upon competition between individuals.

    Individuals are held responsible for shaping their own destinies.

    Family and home life was very important

    WomenPerceived as morally superior beings and were naturally suited to primarily nurture children.

    Women were supposed to “socialize” the children

    Victorian culture emphasizes the idea of getting married out of shared feeling instead of an economic arrangement. “True bond between man and a woman is emotional”. Not sexual though.

    Comstock law: classified birth control information as obscene material. Women were to only have sex for procreation, not for enjoyment.
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HIS 315L Exam 1, Topic 2
Exam 1: Topic 2... Between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War I, the influence of the growing American middle class only grew stronger, as its members sought to shape American society in their image, transmitting their Victorian values through their growing influence in politics, economic activity, and popular culture. However, it is clear that those Victorian values sometimes existed as idealized images of how life was supposed to be, while a more complicated and sometimes contradictory reality lay underneath, even (or especially) among the “Victorians” themselves. If this topic is selected for the exam, you will be given a list of four key features of Victorian middle class culture, and you will have to write about three of them in terms of the above theme. For each of them, you will have to decide whether it is consistent with the realities lying beneath it, contradicts those realities, or perhaps does some of each.