SU Level 5 Supplemental Vocab 1-6

  1. 소곤소곤
    in whispers; in an undertone; in secret
  2. 콜록콜록
    coughing several times
  3. 훌쩍훌쩍
    sniffles; "sniff,sniff"; sob
  4. 벌컥벌컥
    gulp or guzzle sound; "gulp gulp"
  5. 사각사각
    crunch or munch sound; "crunch, crunch"
  6. 하하
    laughing sound
  7. 쿨쿨
    snoring sound
  8. 우당탕
    "smack" sound when something hits the ground
  9. 달구락
    "clink clink" or "clank clank" sound
  10. 힐끗힐끗
    look quickly to the side; shifty eyes
  11. 싱글벙글
    to smile quickly
  12. 깡충깡충
    hopping around happy like a child
  13. 투덜투덜
    sobbing or crying by yourself
  14. 허둥지둥
    rushing around madly
  15. 꾸벅꾸벅
    nodding off; sleepy
  16. 헐렁헐렁
    size is too big; loose
  17. 살금살금
    sneaking/creaping like a robber
  18. 반짝반짝
    to twikle or sparkle; as in a star, diamond, eye
  19. 뒤죽박죽
    in a mess
  20. 세 살 버릇 여든까지 간다
    what is learned in the cradle you do forever
  21. 고래 싸움에 새우등 터진다
    when giants fight innocents get hurt
  22. 소 잃고 외양간 고친다
    hindsight is 20/20
  23. 길고 짧은 곤 대 봐야 안다
    don't compare people only by their appearance, you must actually compare
  24. 사공이 많으면 배가 산으로 간다
    too many cooks spoil the pots; too many chiefs and no indians
  25. 누워서 침 뱉기
    bad actions will return to you
  26. 수박 겉핥기
    superfical; shallow
  27. 소귀에 경 읽기
    banging your head against the wall
  28. 가는 날이 장날
    that is bad timing
  29. 꿩 먹고 알 먹고
    kill two birds with one stone
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