chapter 10 muscular system

  1. what is the basic fxn of skeletal muscle?
    muscle fiber
  2. each fiber is enclosed by a layer of connective tissue called..
  3. fibers are in bundles called..?
    muscle fascicles
  4. muscle facicles are enclosed by..?
  5. most skeletal muscle are attached to bones by...
    tendons (dense regular connective tissue) or membraneous sheets called aponeuroses
  6. when an actions occurs, ________ remains stationary while the __________ will move
    the origin; insertion
  7. a prime mover/agonist:
    a muscle that directly brings about a specific action
  8. an antagonist:
    a muslce directly opposes that action
  9. synergists:
    "working together" by promoting or assisting in a specific action or by reducing unneccesary movements while the action is performed
  10. fixators:
    special class of synergists that stabilize joints/muscles so prime movers can act more efficiently
  11. origin of frontal belly (frontalis)
    epicranial aponeurosis
  12. insertion of frontalis:
    skin of eyebrow
  13. action of frontalis
    raises eyebrows
  14. origin of occipitalis
    superior nuchal line on occipital bone
  15. insertion of occipital belly
    epicranial aponeurosis
  16. action of occipitalis
    pulls scalp posteriorly
  17. orbicularis oculi origin
    medial aspect of bony orbit
  18. orbiularis oculi insertion
    skin around eyelids
  19. orbicularis oculi action
    closes eyelid
  20. orbiculis oris origin
    maxillary bone
  21. orbicularis oris insertion
  22. orbicularis oris action
    protudes lips to kiss or whistle
  23. buccinator origin
    maxillary bone
  24. buccinator insertion
    fibers of obicularis oris
  25. buccinator actions
    compresses cheek while whistling
  26. risorius origin
    fasica over masseter
  27. risorius insertion
    skin @angle of mouth
  28. risorius action
    draws angle of mouth laterally
  29. zygomaticus major origin
    zygomatic bone
  30. zygomaticus major insertion
    angle of mouth
  31. zygomaticus major action
    raises lateral corner of mouth for smiling
  32. zygomaticus minor origin
    zygomatic bone
  33. zygomaticus minor insertion
    upper lip
  34. zygomaticus minor action
    raises upper lip
  35. masseter origin
    zygomatic arch
  36. masseter insertion
    lateral surface of mandibular ramus
  37. masseter action
    protudes mandible
  38. temporalis origin
    temporal bone
  39. temporalis insertion
    coronoid process of mandible
  40. temporalis action
    retudes mandible
  41. sternocleidomastoid origin
  42. sternocleidomastoid instertion
    mastoid process
  43. sternocleidomastoid action
    flexion of neck
  44. external intercostals origin
    inferior border of superior rib
  45. external intercostals insertion
    superiour border of inferior rib
  46. external intercostals action
    elevates the ribs during normal inspiration
  47. internal intercostals origin
    superior border of inferior rib
  48. internal intercostals insertion
    inferior border of superior rib
  49. internal intercostals action
    depresses the ribs during forced expiration
  50. rectus abdomis origin
    pubic crest
  51. rectus abdomis insertion
    xiphiod process
  52. rectus abdomis action
    stabilizes pelvis while walking
  53. external oblique origin
    external surfaces of inferior 8 ribs
  54. external oblique insertion
    pubic crest
  55. external oblique action
    rotation & lateral flexion of trunk
  56. internal oblique origin
    iliac crest
  57. internal oblique insertion
    pubic crest
  58. internal oblique action
    rotation & lateral flexion of trunk
  59. transverse abdominis origin
    iliac crest
  60. transverse abdominis insertion
    pubic crest
  61. transverse abdominis action
    increases intraabdominal pressure during forced expiration
  62. erector spinae muscles
    iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis muscles
  63. iliocostalis origin
    thoracolumbar fascia
  64. iliocostalis insertion
    angles of ribs
  65. iliocostalis action
    extension of vertebral column & head
  66. longissimus origin
    posterior surface of sacrum
  67. longissimus insertion
    transverse processes of thoracic & cervical vertebrae
  68. longissimus action
    lateral flexion of vertebral column & head
  69. semispinalis origin
    transverse process of vertebrae
  70. semispinalis insertion
    spinous processes of more superior vertebrae
  71. semispinalis action
    extension of vertebral column
  72. pectoralis major origin
  73. pectoralis major insertion
    lateral lip of intertubercular groove on humerus
  74. pectoralis major action
    flexion, medial rotation & adduction of the arm
  75. pectoralis minor origin
    external surfaces of ribs 3-5
  76. pectoralis minor insertion
    coracoid process of scapula
  77. pectoralis minor action
    depression & inferior rotation of scapula
  78. serratus anterior origin
    external surfaces of rib 1-8
  79. serratus anterior insertion
    medial border of scapula
  80. serratus anterior action
    holds scapula against thoracic wall
  81. latissimus dorsi origin
    inferior three ribs; iliac crest
  82. latissimus dorsi insertion
    intertubercular groove of humerus
  83. latissimus dorsi action
    extension, medial rotation, & adduction of arm
  84. trapezium origin
    posterior surface of occipital bone
  85. trapezius insertion
    lateral third of clavicle
  86. trapezius action
    elevate, retract, depress scapula
  87. teres major origin
    scapula, near inferior angle
  88. teres major insertion
    medial lip of intertubercular groove
  89. teres major action
    extension, medial rotation of arm, adduction
  90. deltoid origin
    lateral third of clavicle
  91. deltoid insertion
    deltoid tuberosity of humerus
  92. deltoid action
    medial rotation, flexion of arm
  93. levator scapulae origin
    transverse process of vertebrae
  94. levator scapulae insertion
    medial border of scapula
  95. levator scapulae action
    elevates scapula
  96. rhomboid minor origin
    spinous process of c7 & t1
  97. rhomboid minor insertion
    medial border of scapula
  98. rhomboid minor action
    elevates & retracts scapula
  99. rhomboid major origin
    spinous process of t2-t5
  100. supraspinatus origin
    supraspinous fossa of scapula
  101. supraspinatus insertion
    greater tubercle of humerus
  102. supraspinatus action
    abduction of arm
  103. infraspinatus origin
    infraspinous fossa of scapula
  104. infraspinatus insertion
    greater tubercle of humerus
  105. infraspinatus action
    lateral rotation of arm
  106. subscapularis origin
    subscapular fossa of scapula
  107. subscapularis insertion
    lesser tubercle of humerus
  108. subscapularis action
    adduction & medial rotation of arm
  109. teres minor origin
    lateral border of scapula
  110. teres minor insertion
    greater tubercle of humerus
  111. teres minor action
    lateral rotation of arm
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