Forces of Attraction

  1. What are the major types of bonds?
    Intramolecular bonds: ionic, metallic, covalent bonds...

    Intermolecular bonds: Hydrogen bonds and Van der Waals forces
  2. What are ionic bonds?
    The electrostatic attraction that forms between oppositely charged ions formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another. In ionic bonds, both atoms attain Noble gas configuration.
  3. What are the properties of ionic compounds?
    Relatively high melting and boiling points

    Conducts electricity when molten or in aqueous solution

    Dissolves in polar solvents

    Forms giant structures with non-directional bonds

    Usually solid

    Non-conductors of electricity in solid state

    Undergo polarization
  4. What causes cations to be highly polarizing?
    High positive charge

    Small size
  5. What is a metallic bond?
    A lattice of positive ions surrounded by a sea of mobile electrons.
  6. What are the properties of metals?
    Form giant lattice structure where number of valence electrons determine the strength of the metal

    Good electrical conductivity

    High melting and boiling point


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