hitchcock terms

  1. five basic plots
    falsely accused man, guilty women, psychopaths, political intrigue, marriage
  2. cameo
    a famous person who makes a guest apperance or takes a small part
  3. macguffin
    a person, object or piece of info that seems important but in the end holds no meaning
  4. the everyman
    • a normal, average person that ehe audience is meant to relate to and he is usuall put into extraordinary circumstances
    • jimmy stewart
  5. doppleganger
    • a second self; closely resembles the protagonist
    • psycho: protag and doppy same name
  6. voyeurism
    • the enjoyment of watching others
    • 'peeping toms'
  7. film noir
    stylish hollywood crime dramas; focused of moral ambiguity and sexual motivation
  8. composition
    the arrangements of different elements within a frame; colors, shapes, figures, lines, movements, lighting
  9. tracking/dolly
    a smooth shot when camera follows the subject
  10. pan
    panorama shot: camera set on an axis and turns/spins to show the whole scene
  11. establishing shot
    wide angle shot at the begining of a scene to introduce the setting; followed by a close up
  12. high angle shot
    looks down on the scene making subject look small
  13. low angle
    often taken from knee height, looks upward making subject look bigger
  14. POV
    subjective shot; from perspective of a person in the scence
  15. objective shot
    the camera tries to just be a witness; unbiased
  16. birds eye shot
    shot looking directly down on the scene
  17. arc shot
    camera seems to be circling the subject
  18. montage
    a bunch of images often accompanied by music but rarely dialogue; fastforward of time
  19. suspense vs mystery
    give just enough to worry; withholding info
  20. backlighting
    light comes from the back; creates a shadow and cant see the face
  21. mise-en-scene
    • what is put into the scene
    • lighting, costumes, sets, acting quality, ext
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